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When some people daydream, they think about their future plans or what their first purchase would be if they won the 400 million dollar lottery or, if they’re really dreaming big, what it would be like to date Ryan Gosling. When I daydream, I think about crafts.

I’m a super-weirdo. It’s been established.

But I kid not, in college I would sit in class scheming up my next DIY project, watching the clock tick by until I could go home and paint our kitchen table with chalkboard paint or hang the colorful coat hooks I’d spray painted the night before. Dad, if you’re reading this, I promise I paid strict attention in all of my college classes and this next part is totally a joke, but sometimes I’d sit in lectures scouring Design*Sponge and Apartment Therapy for new projects to make. And this was pre-Pinterest! I really had to search for those puppies!

(That last part was definitely not a joke.)

Suffice it to say, I have a bit of a love affair with DIY projects. So imagine my glee when I discovered Topaz + Arrow, a DIY workshop that brings DC residents an afternoon of crafts, cocktails, and snacks once a month. In all honesty they could have stopped at crafts and cocktails and I would have been the first one at the door. I signed up for the next available workshop as soon as I landed on their site, and two Sundays ago, I finally got to join in on the fun!

And Topaz + Arrow did not disappoint. Its founders, Virginia and Morgan, are incredible artists, designers and bloggers who dreamt up Topaz + Arrow together when they asked themselves what they wanted to do on Sunday afternoons. Craft, drink and eat with a bunch of local creatives? Heck yes!! We had a fantastic afternoon of creating jewelry organizers from found branches, leather and metal accessories. The coolest thing about the workshop? Even though each of us attendees started with the same raw materials, not one of us walked out with identical jewelry holders. Creativity is neat.

Enjoy a few shots of the (gorgeously designed) workshop and my new necklace holder in action! And if you’re in the DC area, I HIGHLY recommend checking out T+A’s workshops whenever you get the chance! They’ve most certainly shot to the top of of my list of favorite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

(Super big thank you’s to the sponsors who made some of our delicious beverages and yummy treats possible: Creme Yvette, Teeny Pies, Boulevard Beer, Kind Snacks and Honest Tea. YUM.)

branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-5 branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-11 branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-7 branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-1 branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-8 branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-10 branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-14 branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-6 branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-15 branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-16 branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-18 branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-27
Such organization! branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-23 branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-22 branch_jewelry_organizer_DIY-26
So glad to have this pretty thing beautifying my wall.


  • April 7, 2014 - 11:21 pm

    morgan - Stephanie! These photos are GORGEOUS and we’re so glad you had a good time – can’t thank you enough for coming, and hahaha to your daydreaming of crafts. WE ARE TRULY OF THE SAME PEOPLE.ReplyCancel

    • April 8, 2014 - 1:50 pm

      Steph - Thank you so much, Morgan!! I can’t wait til next time!!ReplyCancel

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