The Viewfinder: April 2014

Welcome to April, y’all! The best month of ALL the months.

Why’s that, you ask? Because the start of April marks the start of Birthday Month!

It’s true, I only have 7 more days to claim the wide-eyed innocence of a 23-year old. I can almost feel my youth slipping away as every minute creeps nearer to my 24th birthday. It’s  tragedy, really. My childhood! My vitality! My vigor! It’s all fading so quickly.

Just kidding, y’all. I’m not crazy. We all know that 24th birthdays (or really ANY birthday in your twenties other than 21 and 25—cheaper car insurance!) aren’t really all that exciting in and of themselves, which is why last year I decided to take the matter into my own hands and add a little spice with the Birthday Bucket List. The Birthday Bucket List (or BBL if you’re the type who enjoys the unnecessary abbreviating of phrases) is a short list of new things that I want to do in the last week before my next birthday. Things that I’ll be able to say to my kids, “I remember when I was twenty-three and I…” Last year, the list included gems like run a half-marathon distance for the first time (check!) and try an exotic food I’d never had before (alligator and caviar—check and check!). This year’s tasks are different, but just as exciting. By next Tuesday, April 8th (my birthday!), I want to have:

  • “Adopted” a child through an organization like World Vision or Children International.
  • Gone one day without my phone.
  • Built something. I have so many projects that I want to do right now… let’s just do them!
  • Watched the sunrise and sunset in the same day. Deliberately.
  • And a throwback from last year: blow out all 24 candles in one breath. :)


I’m excited to spend the next week checking these off! But now, it’s time for the slightly more regular bucket list—April’s Viewfinder!

March DONE’s:

– Engagement session season!
I was so excited to get back out with my fantastic couples this month! A few rain delays mean that one March session is actually happening today, but we’ll let it count for last month.

– Turner’s 6-month pictures.
Did you see this cutie on the blog a few weeks ago??

– Location scouting.
With all the rain this has been a little more difficult to complete than I thought, but with the sun shining like it is today, I know more scouting will happen this month!

– Researching new gear.
In the works! I’ve rented a few new lenses for the next couple of weeks, and I’m excited to see how/if they fit into the family.

– A little surprise.
This has already been started, but it won’t come to the blog until later this week! Juuust making sure the blog doesn’t become a surprise ruiner.

April DO’s:

– Wedding season begins!
I can’t wait to celebrate with Nina & Matt and Liz & Arjun later this month!

– Continue using the blogging calendar.
I think I’ve finally found a rhythm that works with planning and writing posts! YAY! Hopefully this will never need to be a to-do item on the blog again!

– Get the office together. Seriously.
My office is perfectly functional as it is, but that’s about where it ends. I’ve got my desk, my Mac, and a rug in a corner. It’s less of an office and more of a corner to myself, but this month I’ll really be fleshing it out a bit more.

– Sign up for a race.
I know I mentioned that I ran a half marathon as part of my bucket list last year, but it wasn’t actually for a race. I’d love to sign up for a fun destination and actually start training for something!

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