Happies & Crappies: Flowers and Showers

One Tuesday I posted about my birthday bucket list, and yesterday I was able to check my first box. “One day without phone,” sounds an awful lot like a Toms Shoes campaign, but really it was just my personal attempt to detached from world for a little. Going without my phone hardly counts as a real bucket list item—obviously I’ve lived a day without a cell phone before—but as I close out my year of 23, I just wanted to take a breather for a bit. When I sit down to eat my lunch and the first thought that runs through my brain is,“Oh, I should take a picture of this delicious sandwich!” you know there’s an issue. (Confession: I still took a picture of my sandwich, just not with my phone. Loophole!) Yesterday, the Day of No Phones, was hardly revolutionary by any means—the biggest difference was that I used an old school alarm clock and wore an actual watch—but it was a good reminder for me that I do not have to be tethered to my cellphone at every waking moment. Turns out that the world outside is more beautiful through my own eyes than through my Instagram feed. (#nofilter)


– A disconnected day. My little break from my phone yesterday was surprisingly refreshing. No Phone Day may be something that gets added to my calendar just a little more often.

– Maybe magical things happen when I step away from my phone. Or maybe I was just meant to meet the love of my life yesterday. Either way, have you guys ever first-hand witnessed the magic of HEAT EMBOSSING?! I realize that on a scale of 1-10 in craft nerd status I am a solid 13 right now but I don’t even mind. I was picking up some ink for some new branding materials (which deserves another excited post in itself!) when I was introduced to this wondrous process. Of course I was talked into buying all of the materials and now I’m just about ready to emboss everything I own.

– Tree buds! Flowers! Plant life! After the most brutal of winters, I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see flora. Be still, my sunshine-loving heart.


– It’s Birthday weekend! I’m a lucky lady to have so many friends and family to celebrate with this year and I’m pretty excited for the plans we’ve already made. Some of which may or may not include homemade doughnuts and bottomless mimosas. Happy birthday to me!

– Electronics addictions. It’s kind of crazy that we live in a world where it’s a little necessary to deliberately disconnect yourself from the grid every so often. Though I’ll admit, putting down the phone did make me feel a little like Parks and Rec’s Ron Swanson and I didn’t hate it.

– April showers. Obviously I’m all kinds of excited about May flowers, but all of this rain! It can make it so difficult to schedule and plan for engagement sessions and I hate the disappointment that rescheduling often brings to couples. At the very least, at least it’s not snow anymore!

Happy Friday, y’all!

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