Christine & Phil | Old Town Alexandria Engagement

There’s this kind of love that makes even the most mundane occasions worth celebrating. It turns routine trips to the grocery store into adventures and regular-old date nights into always-special occasions.

And Christine and Phil? That’s their kind of love. After just their first few weeks together, they knew that they’d found something worth celebrating. On their first month’s anniversary, and the second month and each month after, they’d take the time to soak in the joy of another turn of the calendar—together. They explored new parts of town, tried new restaurants and just reveled in the thought that they were lucky enough to spend another 31 days with someone they loved so much. Christine realized that “anniversary” wasn’t the most accurate term for their recurring celebration, and so the term “monthiversary” was coined.

One of Christine’s favorite monthiversary spots, the Majestic Cafe  in Old Town Alexandria, was due for a repeat visit last July, but this time, Phil had something more to celebrate than another month together. So after dinner, he dropped to one knee and with the most beautiful sapphire engagement ring, asked Christine to celebrate monthiversary with him for the rest of their lives.


Spend a few minutes with these two and you’ll get it: they do have something worth celebrating. Phil can’t look at Christine without a smile on his face and when Christine is wrapped in Phil’s arms you can just feel the love she has for him. It was so much fun to explore Old Town with such an adorable pair, stopping by the restaurant where Phil proposed and making our way down to the waterfront just in time for sunset. They’ll be getting married in exactly two months and I for one cannot WAIT to celebrate with them on their day! But until then, see for yourself just how wonderful these two are in a few of my favorites from our Old Town engagement shoot!

old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0002 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0003
Shots like this one in the first five minutes?? That’s how I know it’s going to be an incredible evening! old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0004 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0013 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0005 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0006 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0007 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0008 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0009
Ok, that RING! Did Phil do good or what? old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0010 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0014 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0016 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0011 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0012 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0015 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0017 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0018 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0019 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0021 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0022 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0020
So beautiful! old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0025 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0023 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0024 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0027 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0026 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0028 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0029 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0031 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0030 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0032 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0034 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0036 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0035
The light… the cuteness… this one’s definitely a favorite!!
old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0033 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0037 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0038 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0040 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0039 old_town_alexandria_spring_engagement_portraits_0041

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