24 Trips Around the Sun | It’s My Birthday!

This post is a little late today, but I was a little busy this morning waking up slow and making myself a plate full of blueberry pancakes. I may have even stuck a few candles in there because it’s my birthday, y’all!!

The truth is that I don’t really celebrate birthdays… I celebrate birthday WEEKS! Which means that I since last Friday, I’ve enjoyed time with so many wonderful friends, eaten so much delicious food (calories don’t count when they’re birthday calories), and indulged in many a birthday mimosa. I do love birthday week.

I’ve also spent the last week checking boxes off of my birthday bucket list! Last week I went one day without my phone, deliberately watched a sunset and sunrise (not on the same day thanks to foggy mornings, but I’m still counting it!), built a rain chain for my back deck, and blew out all of my birthday candles! (That last one was a toughie…)

But my favorite birthday bucket list accomplishment was adopting a child through Children International. I’ve wanted to sponsor a child for a while now, and I am so glad I finally did! I received my envelope with a photo of my child, and she is just the cutest! Her name is Irma (!!), she’s 6 years old and lives with her family in Guatemala. I can’t wait to be pen pals and learn all about her life. Through Children International, my sponsorship gives her family assistance, clothes and medical care, and ensures that she’ll get to go to school! Not to go all Sarah McLachlan on you guys, but if you’ve ever thought about sponsoring a child, Children International is an incredible organization to go through! Check them out!


In other birthday news, for a few months now I’ve been eyeing up this gorgeous J.Crew Flower Fan necklace, and I decided that 24 years of being alive was as good of an excuse as any to go ahead and treat myself and buy it. If I liked this pretty thing before, I LOVE it even more in person, and I can’t wait to wear this beauty to this season’s weddings!

(Side note: you guys should have seen my trying to take this selfie… it was something ridiculous…)


But the thing is… birthday treats are no fun if you can’t share them. So, I went ahead and got two necklaces… one for me, and one to give away to YOU!! It’s a birthday giveaway!!  birthday-8

Here’s the deal: this contest is going down on Instagram! And it’s super easy to enter. All you need to do is 1) make sure you follow @StephDeePhoto on Instagram, and 2) Leave a comment and tag 3 other friends to join in!! On Friday I’ll randomly select a winner and announce the lucky duck on the blog. Soo, whatcha waiting for? Head on over to Instagram and play along!

birthday-9 birthday-7 birthday-14 birthday-13 birthday-11 birthday-17

I’m so thankful to have another year of adventures and excitement in front of me. Every single day I’m reminded of how lucky I am to do what I do, to be where I am and be surrounded by so much love in my life. The past 24 years have been something… and I can’t wait to see what this next one holds!


  • April 8, 2014 - 9:11 pm

    Sarah M - I am tempted to get an instagram account just for this contest, but I have been so good about not adding more things of distraction to my life. But I love this post and the awesome way you celebrated your birthday!ReplyCancel

    • April 9, 2014 - 10:36 am

      Steph - Hahaha that’s a fair enough reason, Sarah!! I’ll be sure to include the instagram-less (and direction-less) population next time :)ReplyCancel

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