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A fun fact about me: I am blind as a bat. It’s a little ironic considering my job completely relies on the health of my eyeballs, but it’s true. Without my contacts or glasses, there’s a good chance that all of my images would be blurry messes and I’d go happily about my life thinking they looked great!

I wear my contacts 99.9% of the time, so when I do give my eyes a break and throw on my glasses, people usually think I’m wearing fake lenses (which I never really understood the point of, but I digress) or ask if I’ve just been to the optometrist. Nope! I’ve had my four eyes since I was in the fourth grade. Recently though, I’ve come to accept that my contact-wearing habits aren’t always the healthiest, so I decided it was time to find a new pair of specs that I’d want to rock on a more regular basis. My only criteria? Find a pair hipster enough that when my kids one day look at photos of me wearing them, responses like, “Ugh, Mom, what you were thinking?!” will be elicited. I just love embarrassing my non-existent children. It’s how I know I’ll be a GREAT mom one day.


Enter: Warby Parker. I’m sure you’ve seen the ads on Facebook or heard them on Spotify. This place is essentially the official haven of hipster eyewear. And I love it. Every pair is affordably priced, they have an at-home try on program so you can test-drive as many pairs as you like before settling on your match, and the best part? For every pair of glasses purchases, a pair is given to someone in need. It’s just Tom’s shoes but for vision! I love the idea of conscientious consumerism—it just makes sense to me. So of course I love that a purchase I’m going to make anyway can go to help someone else in the world. And even though I really love the pair I chose (the Webb in Saddle Russet) it may just be a good enough reason to start looking for a second pair ;)

WarbyParker-4 WarbyParker-7 WarbyParker-2 WarbyParker-5 So many ridiculous selfies on the blog recently… I promise this isn’t becoming a regular thing!


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