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Sometimes being a renter is tough. Can anyone relate to me on this one? You have this home that is your home, but you are simultaneously and constantly reminded that it is not actually yours. Since I moved in January, my landlord (who is actually quite wonderful!) has been working on some much needed improvements to our house: electrical work, painting, etc… And while it is very exciting to how our house come together (with some MUCH cleaner walls!), it’s meant that I’ve been sort of kicked out of my office a few days this week. Luckily, I have the capability to go mobile, it’s just a bit of a pain! The silver lining? It’s forced me to get a little creative with my satellite-office locations as my local Starbucks just aren’t really cutting it anymore. Have you ever realized how wonderful airports are for getting work done?! I live just a few metro stops away from Reagan National Airport, and with their free wifi and endless opportunities for people-watching, I think I’ve found my new favorite work spot! Plus, if I ever get bored, I can just hope on the next flight to the Bahamas and take a short Caribbean vacation! Wins all around.


– Tonight I will feel like a five year old going to sleep on Christmas Eve… because tomorrow is the start of wedding season!! I am so excited and so ready for this year’s wedding to be here! And we are starting out with a bang: remember the oh-so lovely Matt and Nina? They’re saying I Do at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens tomorrow and I am busy all day today doing my happy dance in excitement!

– Even better, it’s Easter Weekend!! Maybe it’s that Easter always falls around my birthday. Maybe it’s that Easter always seems to bring along with it some warmer weather. Or maybe it’s that the real Easter—beyond the eggs and the bunnies and the baskets and the candy—is one of the most important celebrations in my life. Without Easter and the resurrection of the one who died for my sins, I don’t have any hope in this world. But on Sunday, I get to say the words, “He is risen indeed!” knowing how true they are. And that is something crazy awesome to celebrate.

– I’m not a Vegan, I don’t have gluten intolerance, and I’m not on a strict paleo diet. I tend to simply eat what sounds delicious and try to make sure it’s good for my body, and if that happens to be a handful of Cadbury eggs one day and cup of chia seed pudding the next then so be it. But for some weird reason I love baking vegan/paleo/sometimes raw-friendly treats. I even got a raw baking (oxymoron, I know) cookbook for my birthday! But one of my all-time favorite “healthy” baking achievements were these blueberry muffins. They used almond and coconut flour instead of the processed stuff and they were SO. FREAKING. GOOD. Do yourself a favor and try them out. I found the recipe here!

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 9.15.16 AM

– Being kicked out of your own office for house work…

– Paleo muffins still having too many calories to straight up eat the entire batch. Who’s going to come up with no-calorie muffins that still taste delicious. Can we get on that?


Happy Friday, y’all and an even happier Easter weekend!

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