Nina & Matt | Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Wedding

Nina and Matt. Wherever do I start with these two? How do I write about one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve experienced? Not just in the overflowing prettiness of it all, but in it’s overflowing love?

Their own wedding wasn’t the first time a marriage celebration had been the setting for a chapter of their love story. In fact, a wedding is where the whole darn book began. When their mutual friends Jen and Michael got married, Nina and Matt didn’t realize that they would be meeting their other half on the other side of the bridal party. But as Nina and Matt walked back up the aisle after their best friends said their vows, they both thought that maybe, just maybe it wouldn’t be the last time they made that walk together.

Separately, N+M are the kind of people that others love to be around. One look around their wedding celebration could tell you that much. Friends and family came from all over to help them celebrate the love that they’d found and spoke all day long of the fun-loving, kind-heartedness of both Nina and Matt. But together? Together these two are a powerhouse dream team of fun, love and kindness. I can’t prove it, but I think it may be literally impossible to be in their presence and not be having a good time. It’s kind of a magical thing for a photographer to arrive on a wedding day and feel like they are celebrating with old friends, but that was the case exactly. I got  to share the excitement of the day as Nina saw herself in her wedding dress, on her wedding day, for the first time. I got to joke with Matt and the guys as they stayed hydrated with North Carolina water. ;) And I got to witness the teary-eyed happiness as Matt saw Nina, his WIFE, for the first time walking down the aisle.

Nina told me that Matt had saved the “W-word,” until they were actually married, and as we walked along the path and past the gorgeous gardens of Meadowlark, he finally let himself say it… over and over and over again :) I am so SO excited to share this incredible day with you! It was some task trying to narrow down my favorites to blog, but get ready for some sweet spring details, a fabulous bridal party, some of the most spectacular florals, and one incredibly good looking bride and groom!

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. White
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0013 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0020 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0002 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0001 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0006 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0005 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0003 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0004 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0007 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0008 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0009 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0130 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0010 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0018 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0019 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0021
Matt’s wedding day gift for Nina… when it comes in a little blue box, you know he’s done well! vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0014 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0015 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0016 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0017 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0132 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0011 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0131 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0012 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0022 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0023 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0024 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0025
Are y’all ready for one of the most stunning brides you’ve ever seen? vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0027 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0028 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0029 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0030 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0031
HONESTLY, Nina, will you save any pretty for the rest of us? You are a flawless bride!
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0032 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0033
The boys got set for the day at Tyson’s Crowne Plaza as well. A huge thank you to my fantastic second shooter on the day, Matoli Keely for capturing these moments!
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0036 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0037 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0039 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0038 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0041 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0040
A toast for the boys… vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0042 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0026
…and for the ladies.
Going to the chapel!
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0035 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0043 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0044
You girls have got to be the most beautiful bridal party in history!
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0045 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0046
The “Dusty Shale” dresses paired with the coral bouquets had me giddy all day!
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0047 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0048 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0049 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0050 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0051 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0052 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0053 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0054 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0055 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0056 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0057 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0058 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0059
It may have been the beards, but Matt and the guys looked nothing but dapper all day long.
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0060 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0061 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0062 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0063 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0064
Time to say I do. vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0145 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0066 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0065

Loved this! vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0067 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0068 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0069 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0071 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0070 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0072 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0073 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0074 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0075 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0076 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0077 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0078 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0079 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0080
Nina and Matt created a keepsake marriage certificated that was signed by all of their guests! I loved it!
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0081 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0083 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0082
They’re MARRIED!!!!!
Sweet congratulations… vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0085
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0087 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0088 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0091 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0089 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0090 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0092
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0093 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0094 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0095 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0096 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0097 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0098 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0099 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0101 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0100
Nina!! So much perfection!
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0102 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0103 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0104
Meadowlark provided the absolute perfect backdrop…
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0105 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0106 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0107 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0108 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0109 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0110
Could y’all be any more good looking? Love this!
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0111 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0112 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0113 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0114 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0115 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0116 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0117 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0118 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0119 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0120 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0121 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0122
Favorite!! So much spring magic!
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0123 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0127 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0125 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0126 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0124 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0128 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0129 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0133 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0134 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0135 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0136 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0138 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0137 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0139
The Atrium at Meadowlark is enclosed, but still gives a light and airy garden feel. Perfection!
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0140 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0141 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0142 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0148 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0144 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0143 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0150 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0149 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0146 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0147
Sweet first dances… vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0151
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0152 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0153 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0154 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0155 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0156 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0157
Heartfelt toasts…
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0158 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0159
…and heartfelt reactions.

vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0160 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0161 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0162 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0163 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0164 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0165
And then the party really got started!
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0166 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0167 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0168 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0169 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0170 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0171
It’s not every wedding that I get to take a selfie with the bride! It may be a new tradition :)
vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0172 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0174 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0182 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0173 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0175 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0176 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0177 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0178 vienna_meadowlark_gardens_wedding_0180
Wilco’s “I’m the Man Who Loves You” started playing and Matt wouldn’t let Nina leave the dance floor. Cue: my melted heart.

Congratulations, Nina and Matt!! And so many thanks to the team of vendors behind all of the pretty of N+M’s day!:
Getting Ready Location » Crowne Plaza at Tyson’s Corner
Venue » The Atrium at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens
Wedding Gown » Priscilla of Boston, Style Carter
Bridesmaids’ Dresses » J. Crew, Dusty Shale
Mens’ Tuxes » Men’s Wearhouse
Hair and Makeup » Bridal Artistry
Florist » Bergeron’s Floral Design
Caterer » Great Blue Heron
Bakery » Fluffy Thoughts Bakery
DJ » Chris Laich
Day-Of Coordinator » Marylin Bradley
Second Shooter » Matoli Keely Photography


  • April 22, 2014 - 8:21 pm

    MJ Jacobsen - Great job Steph. People have been asking for the official wedding photos- not that iPhone stuff. I am proud to post these on FB for all to see. When Nina and Matt are back from their honeymoon, I am sure they’ll get the complete set of photos because I need to make some prints. You captured the energy of the day perfectly.ReplyCancel

  • May 1, 2014 - 11:38 am

    Nina - They are so so perfect, Steph! Thank you!!! Can’t wait to see them all…ReplyCancel

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    Nancy Mercer - GORGEOUS! When I am home I am posting on Facebook.ReplyCancel

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    Ashley Barnett - Nina- these pics are amazing! You and everything about your wedding was perfect!ReplyCancel

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    Lisa Barnett - Nina, the pictures look gorgeous the wedding was so beautiful!ReplyCancel

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    Nancy Mercer - So happy for Nina and Matt!ReplyCancel

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    Karen Hughes - Absolutely Beautiful!!ReplyCancel

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