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Ten years is a pretty long time.

Ten years ago, I was a freshman in high school with super long hippie hair (it was not cute) thinking maybe I’d be a nurse when I grew up. I’d only had my first cell phone for a month—a flip phone that didn’t even have a camera. I was texting in T-9, people!! Aside from my hair length, career aspirations and the antiquity of my mobile device, so much about myself has changed since then. Certainly, I’m not unrecognizable and I still hold many of the same values as I did all those years ago, but the way that I live it all out is simply night and day.

Which is why it is such an astounding fact to me that Kate and Morgan have been together for over ten years. They met in the halls of their high school when Morgan noticed how cute Kate was—even though she was trash talking his beloved Boston Red Socks just a few lockers down from his. For their first date, Kate got a ride from her mom over to Morgan’s house where they watched the Princess Bride together in his living room. Talk about romantic! ;) Ten years later, Kate and Morgan could drive themselves to their own dinner date in Georgetown, where Morgan decided it was time for his girlfriend of ten years to become his wife for forever.

Morgan and Kate aren’t the teenagers who once roamed the halls of their high school anymore (though Kate is still gorgeous and Morgan does still love his Red Sox). A lot has changed, but they’ve changed together. As we roamed through Old Town Alexandria for their engagement photos, it was so easy to image Kate and Morgan as high school sweethearts, but so incredible to see how their love had transformed into something much bigger. Now they’ve bought their first home together, and are planning what will be an absolutely gorgeous celebration at Silverbrook Farm in Purcellville, VA for May 2015. (Kate’s an interior designer, so you know their wedding details are going to be incredible!) It’s still feels so far away, but I simply can’t wait for the next year of getting to know and work with these two!

Kate’s top was so perfectly adorable!
alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0002 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0003 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0004 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0005 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0006 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0007 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0008 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0009 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0010 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0011 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0013
Aww, Morgan! Looking so good!
alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0012 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0014
Just the cutest, both of you.
alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0015 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0016 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0017
Things I know: Old Town has no shortage of steps to sit on, and I am thankful!
alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0018 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0019 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0020 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0021 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0023 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0022 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0024
An outfit change and one beautiful tree!
alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0025 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0026 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0027
Eee! So much love for this one!
alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0028 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0029 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0030 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0031 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0032 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0033 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0034 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0035
Kate!!! I don’t know if it’s the cut of the dress or your expression, but this photo just screams Audrey Hepburn to me!
alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0036 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0037 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0038 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0039
alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0040 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0041
One thing that Kate and Morgan LOVE to do together? Eat and drink good beer! That’s something I can get behind, so after their “formal” session was over, we went to Pizzeria Paradiso for some craft brews and the best handcrafted pizza I’ve had in a long while!
alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0042 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0043 alexandria_old_town_engagement_photographer_0044
Cheers to y’all and your love!!

  • April 23, 2014 - 3:25 pm

    Beth T. - These are super cute!! Love the brewery shots. So different and really fun!ReplyCancel

  • April 23, 2014 - 4:05 pm

    alison dunn - LOVE her outfits! Can’t wait to see their wedding, it’s going to be so pretty!ReplyCancel

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