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Olivia & Pete | Brandywine Manor House Wedding

Olivia had just transferred to a new school as a sophomore, and it wasn’t more than a week before he had askedView full post »

Jackie & Kyle | Frying Pan Farm Wedding

I almost don’t believe that it was 9 months ago that I first met Jackie and Kyle. I’m not sure of it feelsView full post »

Jess & Mike | Manassas Battlefield Engagement

Moving to a new place can be downright terrifying. Heck, at the beginning of this year, I moved less than an hour awayView full post »

Lindsay & Tim | Vintage Country Airlie Center Wedding

Airlie Center in Warrenton, Virginia holds a special place in my heart. It’s the beautiful place where I workedView full post »

Happies & Crappies | Threading & Thrones

You’ve seen it before. You’re walking through the mall and you see a big sign outside one of the stores inView full post »

Lauren & Jeremy | Gaylord National Harbor Wedding

Most of the time, you think it’s the kind of thing that really only happens in the movies. Little Rascals or MyView full post »

Planning the Ideal Wedding Timeline

“You must know exactly what your wedding day will be like, right?!” It’s a question I hear prettyView full post »

Thanks, Mom.

To my beautiful, loving Momma: Thank you. They are just two little words that could never compare to the grand scale ofView full post »

The Viewfinder: May 2014

I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to reuse the J.T. “It’s gonna be May” meme that I posted inView full post »