Liz & Arjun | Hidden Creek Country Club Wedding

High school sweethearts get a lot of press. Even on the blog lately, I’ve had so many couples who have known and loved each other since they were teenagers. But I think it’s time we start recognizing another kind of sweetheart: the college sweetheart. These couples meet each other when they’re really starting to figure out who they are and who they want to be, what they believe and how they want to live out those beliefs. There’s something sort of wonderful about a couple whose love is built around that foundation. And wonderful is exactly what Liz and Arjun’s relationship is. Liz and Arjun met in college and have been sweethearts ever since. Emphasis on the sweet.

I arrived at Reston’s Hidden Creek Country Club with spring in full bloom all around it and knew it was going to be a gorgeous day. That excitement only multiplied when saw Liz for the first time—the girl was literally radiating happiness! She had the biggest smile on her face, and it didn’t fade all day long. And Arjun? Well, I’ll let you see for yourself the smile that lit up his face as he saw Liz walking toward him down the aisle. You can’t tell me that these two don’t share one of the most joyous loves you’ve ever seen! I’m so thrilled to get to share some of that joy on the blog today, and so thankful to Liz and Arjun for inviting me to be a part of it all in person! So, without further ado…

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Mohoni

When we were grabbing Liz’s details for photos, she tried to convince us that her shoes weren’t anything special. SO not true! I loved her white lace flats!
reston_wedding_photography_0006 reston_wedding_photography_0003 reston_wedding_photography_0002 reston_wedding_photography_0008 reston_wedding_photography_0004 reston_wedding_photography_0005 reston_wedding_photography_0010
That gorgeous ring? It was actually Liz’s grandmother’s! Liz’s actual ring suffered an injury just two days before the wedding (!!) so this beauty stood in for her. For an heirloom ring, it was SO wonderfully modern!
reston_wedding_photography_0007 reston_wedding_photography_0022 reston_wedding_photography_0021 reston_wedding_photography_0023
That smile… honest! It never left!
reston_wedding_photography_0024 reston_wedding_photography_0025 reston_wedding_photography_0011 reston_wedding_photography_0014 reston_wedding_photography_0013
reston_wedding_photography_0012 reston_wedding_photography_0015
Arjun and his guys were so much fun and good to put up with us throughout the day :)
reston_wedding_photography_0016 reston_wedding_photography_0018 reston_wedding_photography_0017 reston_wedding_photography_0019 reston_wedding_photography_0020 reston_wedding_photography_0026 reston_wedding_photography_0028
Best groom reaction ever? Just maybe!
reston_wedding_photography_0029 reston_wedding_photography_0030
Oh, gosh, y’all are adorable.
reston_wedding_photography_0031 reston_wedding_photography_0032 reston_wedding_photography_0033 reston_wedding_photography_0035 reston_wedding_photography_0034
The wind got just a little wild with Liz’s veil… this was right before she realized…
…and right after!
reston_wedding_photography_0038 reston_wedding_photography_0036 reston_wedding_photography_0039
Liz’s father lead a beautiful ceremony of presenting bread, salt and wine to the newlyweds.
reston_wedding_photography_0040 reston_wedding_photography_0027 reston_wedding_photography_0041 reston_wedding_photography_0042 reston_wedding_photography_0043 reston_wedding_photography_0044 reston_wedding_photography_0045
reston_wedding_photography_0046 reston_wedding_photography_0047 reston_wedding_photography_0048 reston_wedding_photography_0049 reston_wedding_photography_0085reston_wedding_photography_0050 reston_wedding_photography_0051 reston_wedding_photography_0052 reston_wedding_photography_0053 reston_wedding_photography_0054 reston_wedding_photography_0055 reston_wedding_photography_0056 reston_wedding_photography_0057 reston_wedding_photography_0058 reston_wedding_photography_0059 reston_wedding_photography_0060 reston_wedding_photography_0061 reston_wedding_photography_0062
The spring blooms were out in full swing!
reston_wedding_photography_0063 reston_wedding_photography_0064
You two just melt my heart!
reston_wedding_photography_0065 reston_wedding_photography_0066 reston_wedding_photography_0067 reston_wedding_photography_0068 reston_wedding_photography_0069 reston_wedding_photography_0070 reston_wedding_photography_0072 reston_wedding_photography_0071
Such a favorite!
reston_wedding_photography_0073 reston_wedding_photography_0074 reston_wedding_photography_0075 reston_wedding_photography_0076 reston_wedding_photography_0077 reston_wedding_photography_0079
Just go ahead y’all!! So classically gorgeous!
reston_wedding_photography_0078 reston_wedding_photography_0080 reston_wedding_photography_0081 reston_wedding_photography_0082 reston_wedding_photography_0083 reston_wedding_photography_0084
I had to include this sweet shot of Liz and her mom…
reston_wedding_photography_0086 reston_wedding_photography_0087 reston_wedding_photography_0090 reston_wedding_photography_0091 reston_wedding_photography_0088 reston_wedding_photography_0092 reston_wedding_photography_0089 reston_wedding_photography_0093 reston_wedding_photography_0094 reston_wedding_photography_0095 reston_wedding_photography_0098 reston_wedding_photography_0096 reston_wedding_photography_0097 reston_wedding_photography_0099
Love love love…
reston_wedding_photography_0100 reston_wedding_photography_0108 reston_wedding_photography_0110 reston_wedding_photography_0109 reston_wedding_photography_0111 reston_wedding_photography_0113 reston_wedding_photography_0117 reston_wedding_photography_0118 reston_wedding_photography_0114 reston_wedding_photography_0115 reston_wedding_photography_0116
The Mother-Son dance ended  in a family group hug… my eyes certainly got a bit watery!
reston_wedding_photography_0119 reston_wedding_photography_0103 reston_wedding_photography_0101 reston_wedding_photography_0102 reston_wedding_photography_0107 reston_wedding_photography_0104 reston_wedding_photography_0105 reston_wedding_photography_0106 reston_wedding_photography_0120 reston_wedding_photography_0121 reston_wedding_photography_0122 reston_wedding_photography_0123
Liz, Arjun and their guests know how to party!
reston_wedding_photography_0127 reston_wedding_photography_0128 reston_wedding_photography_0124 reston_wedding_photography_0125 reston_wedding_photography_0126 reston_wedding_photography_0133 reston_wedding_photography_0129 reston_wedding_photography_0134 reston_wedding_photography_0131 reston_wedding_photography_0132 reston_wedding_photography_0130

Congratulations, Liz and Arjun!! And thanks to the following vendors for making their day unforgettable:
Venue » Hidden Creek Country Club
Wedding Gown » Christian Michele
Bridesmaids’ Dresses » David’s Bridal F13974
Mens’ Tuxes » Ralph Lauren
Hair and Makeup » Red Door Spa
Caterer » Hidden Creek Country Club
Bakery » Edibles Incredible
Wedding Planner » Kimberly Rose Nagle
Second Shooter » Matoli Keely Photography


  • May 1, 2014 - 1:10 pm

    Sachin Patil - Hi Stephanie,
    I am Sachin, Arjun’s uncle from Toronto. It was our privilege to attend Arjun & Liz wedding last weekend.
    You have done an amazing job, all the snaps are awesome. Look forward to seeing many more!ReplyCancel

  • May 1, 2014 - 1:35 pm

    Christine - Where’s the bride/Stephanie selfie??ReplyCancel

  • May 1, 2014 - 1:36 pm

    Christine - Where’s the bride/Stephanie selfie??
    These are beautiful pictures! Great job Stephanie!ReplyCancel

  • May 2, 2014 - 11:55 am

    Sheily - We missed the Wedding, but you clicked awesome emotions and feeling. Thanks for sharing.
    Sheily, Arjun’s childhood friend.ReplyCancel

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