The Viewfinder: May 2014

I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to reuse the J.T. “It’s gonna be May” meme that I posted in last year’s May Viewfinder. 365 days later and that thing is still just as hilarious.

I’ve restrained myself (kind of), but even without Justin’s incredibly greasy, curly ‘fro gracing the blog of the second year in a row, May is already off to an incredible start! The scheduling gods saw fit to give me this past weekend free of any weddings or shoots, and while sometimes that makes me nervous that something’s wrong or that I’m not scheduling even work, it was actually such a refreshing mini-break! I spent the weekend brunching, cleaning, reading, celebrating family birthdays and snuggling with my nephew, sipping on mint juleps for the Kentucky Derby, watching Game of Thrones (LIVE for the first time! Did I catch up on the entire series in less than three weeks? It’s very possible…), eating pie, gardening, and, obviously, watching Chihuahua races in D.C .for Cinco de Mayo. What? Is that weird, or something?

They’ve got the need for speed… IMG_6081 I can’t wait to watch these plants grow. (Super exciting pastime, fyi.) Especially those in the middle… that’s my square foot garden that I built! Veggies for everyone. IMG_8523 And finally, I had time to clean my room! And now I just stare at this rug all day long. It may be my new favorite thing!

May is already off to the best start, and I can’t wait to see what the next 26 days hold for us all. Two things I know for sure: tonight I will happily drink a margarita or two (happy Cinco de Mayo!!) and there are so many beautiful weddings on their way! Can’t wait to celebrate with four fabulous couples this month!

April DONE’s:

– Wedding season begins!
Yay! So happy to be back doing what I love!

– Continue using the blogging calendar.
The blog is on a healthy roll. Like, multi-whole-grain with quinoa mixed in. 

– Get the office together. Seriously.
We’re on our way. Last month I shared some office inspiration, now to execute!

– Sign up for a race.
Well, this didn’t happen… yet! 

May DO’s:

– Four Weddings.
Nope, not the TLC show. I’m thrilled to celebrate with these four couples, and can’t wait for you to get to see them!

– New brand!
We’re in the final stretch! Stephanie Dee is gonna have a brand new look SO soon.

– A mini-trip to the beach!
Virginia Beach, that is. Later this month I’ll (hopefully!) be making a short trip down for one of their festivals with some good friends, and I can’t wait!

– Sign up for a race.
For real this time.

Happy May, y’all!

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