Lauren & Jeremy | Gaylord National Harbor Wedding

Most of the time, you think it’s the kind of thing that really only happens in the movies. Little Rascals or My Girl or even Sweet Home Alabama. Boy meets girl when they’re five years old. They grow up as best friends and before you know it, that friendship grows into love. Real love. You know, the kind that people make movies, write stories and sing songs about.

Well, forget what you thought, because Jeremy and Lauren prove that kind of love isn’t just for movies.

When they were just five and six years old, Jeremy and Lauren met on the dance floor, of all place. They both grew up as dancers, and spent their childhoods tapping, plié-ing and sashaying together. Though they were just friends, they were always friends. Even when lengths of time would pass between their reunions, Lauren and Jeremy’s friendship always picked up right where it left off. It wasn’t until more than 20 years after they first met that their rekindled friendship ignited something so much bigger.

Fast forward from that first meeting in dance class to this past weekend, when Lauren and Jeremy said yes to forever surrounded by some of the most important people in their lives. Seeing them together just a few minutes before they would become husband and wife, everything about their love just made sense. Lauren’s sweet and hilarious disposition fits so perfectly next to Jeremy’s kindness and desire to take care of those around him. They’re two puzzle pieces that have been molded to fit each other for the past twenty-six years. That’s the kind of love that you know is going to last the ages.

I was so honored to be welcomed into L+J’s day to capture the start of this brand new journey. Everything about the day was flawless: Lauren’s sparkly accessories, the boy’s purple socks, the grandeur of the Gaylord… even the rain that threatened the forecast stayed at bay! I am so excited to share this incredible couple’s day with you all, and so without further ado…

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Horst

gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0004 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0001
What did I tell you? If you love yourself some sparkles, you’re going to love Lauren’s details! gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0002 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0023 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0005
And here’s where my eyes watered for the first time that day… Jeremy wrote Lauren this poem and had it delivered to her that morning!
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0006 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0003 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0009 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0007 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0018 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0019 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0020
Adored Lauren’s blinged out bouquet!
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0017 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0022 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0008 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0010 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0011 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0015 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0014 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0012 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0013 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0016 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0021 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0024 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0025 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0026 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0027 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0028
!!! Lauren, you beautiful bride, you!
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0032 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0033
Jeremy was busy looking dapper…


And waiting to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day… (Thank you to Matoli for these shots and for being my incredible right hand woman once again!) gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0031
First look time!
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0034 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0035 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0036 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0037
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0038 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0039 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0040 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0042 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0041 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0043 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0044 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0045
And then things just got more and more adorable… and didn’t stop all day long.
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0046 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0047 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0048 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0049 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0050 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0051 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0052
The rain even held off long enough to venture outside on the docks of National Harbor!
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0053 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0054 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0055 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0056
Jeremy and Lauren, your love MELTS my heart!
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0057 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0060
Lauren, you’re perfect.
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0072 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0058 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0066 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0064
Something about this one on the right has me swooning and all weak in the knees <3
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0059 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0068
Can we all agree that if Jeremy ever needs a part time job, there’s a modeling career just waiting for him?

gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0069 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0061 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0065 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0070 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0062 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0067 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0071
The Gaylord is a pretty magnificent place!
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0073 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0074 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0077 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0076 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0081 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0075 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0078 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0079 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0080 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0083 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0084 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0082
Oh, you two are wonderful.
And before the rain started back up, we were able to fit in some portraits for the girls…
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0086 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0087 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0088 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0089
…before we moved inside with the guys
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0090 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0091 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0100 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0092 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0102 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0093 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0094 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0097 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0095 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0101 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0096
Got to have a dance pose throwback, of course!
One of my favorites! May or may not be because Jeremy’s groomsman is basically eating his shoulder ;)
If you’re going to have a wedding day with a chance of rain, the Gaylord’s atrium is the place to do it! The indoor tropical gardens make you feel like you’re outside the whole time.
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0103 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0104 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0106 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0105 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0107 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0108 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0109 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0110 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0111 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0112 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0113 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0114 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0115 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0116 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0117 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0118 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0119 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0120 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0121 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0122
The Hickory Steakhouse at the Gaylord hosted the gorgeous reception dinner…
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0124 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0125 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0126
I am 100% on board with a wine-themed reception! Adored all of the vino details.
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0127 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0128 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0129 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0130
If your cake cutter isn’t blinged out, you might be doing it wrong!
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0131 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0132 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0133 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0134 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0135 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0136 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0137 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0138 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0139
A good cake smash is always worth it :)
gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0140 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0141 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0142 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0143 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0145 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0146 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0147 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0148 gaylord_national_harbor_wedding_0144

Congratulations Lauren and Jeremy!! And a million thank you’s to the vendors that made the day so wonderful:

Venue » The Gaylord at National Harbor
Wedding Gown » David’s Bridal Collect vw9768
Bridesmaids’ Dresses » Target
Mens’ Tuxes » Men’s Wearhouse
Bridal Hair » Caiti (Friend of the Bride)
Caterer » The Hickory Steakhouse
Bakery » Susan Alexander
Wedding Planner » Kate Boram
Invitations and Stationery » Wedding Paper Divas
Second Shooter » Matoli Keely Photography

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