Lindsay & Tim | Vintage Country Airlie Center Wedding

Airlie Center in Warrenton, Virginia holds a special place in my heart. It’s the beautiful place where I worked for a year and a half before taking my business full-time.

Tim and Lindsay hold a special place in my heart. because they are two of the biggest sweethearts you’ll ever meet. (Just don’t tell Tim I said so. ;) Pair their big hearts with their incredible love for one another, toss in a pinch of Lindsay’s love for details, and mix it all together in a place as gorgeous as Airlie, and you’ve got yourself a wedding photographer’s dream day.

Aside from the awesome fact that they ended the day as husband and wife, my favorite part of Lindsay and Tim’s day was how it was such a reflection of who they are and what they value. Every single detail fit in perfectly with Lindsay’s love of country vintage—right down to her gorgeous vintage-inspired ring! Lace, cowboy boots, chalkboards, mason jars… every time I see these things from now on I’ll immediately be reminded of Tim and Lindsay. There was meaning in every decision for them, right down to the location that they decided to use for their day. Lindsay and Tim’s very first date was spent night fishing in the country. Tim proposed to Lindsay while they were fishing on a lake. And Lindsay and Tim promised to love each other for the rest of their lives in the country, just a few yards away from a pond. (Maybe not a lake, but you get the point!) These two know who they are, which is how I know their love is the lifetime brand of love.

Airlie has been special to me for a while, but now it’s even more meaningful to me. Lindsay and Tim, thank you so much for inviting me back to that gorgeous place to help celebrate your day with you. I was honored to be the one to document your first day as husband and wife! Enjoy a few of my favorites from your day and I hope you’re having a blast in the Dominican Republic!

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Michael

country_vintage_wedding_0001 country_vintage_wedding_0002 country_vintage_wedding_0003 country_vintage_wedding_0004 country_vintage_wedding_0026 country_vintage_wedding_0005 country_vintage_wedding_0006 country_vintage_wedding_0007 country_vintage_wedding_0008

How about Lindsay’s SHOES!? I love a little something blue…
country_vintage_wedding_0009 country_vintage_wedding_0011 country_vintage_wedding_0022 country_vintage_wedding_0012 country_vintage_wedding_0013 country_vintage_wedding_0015 country_vintage_wedding_0021
Lindsay found so many of her details on Etsy, including this stunning necklace…
I truly couldn’t get enough of these rings!
country_vintage_wedding_0014 country_vintage_wedding_0017 country_vintage_wedding_0018 country_vintage_wedding_0019 country_vintage_wedding_0025 country_vintage_wedding_0027 country_vintage_wedding_0020 country_vintage_wedding_0028 country_vintage_wedding_0029
While the girls primped for the day, the guys got in a few rounds of pool.
And chess, of course.
country_vintage_wedding_0031 country_vintage_wedding_0032 country_vintage_wedding_0033
I always love a good groom portrait, but something about this one is just so sweet.
country_vintage_wedding_0034 country_vintage_wedding_0035 country_vintage_wedding_0036 country_vintage_wedding_0037 country_vintage_wedding_0038
And then my lace-loving heart fluttered away.
country_vintage_wedding_0039 country_vintage_wedding_0024 country_vintage_wedding_0040 country_vintage_wedding_0041 country_vintage_wedding_0042 country_vintage_wedding_0043 country_vintage_wedding_0044
So maybe I went a litttle ring crazy. Do you blame me?
country_vintage_wedding_0023 country_vintage_wedding_0045
Oh, Mrs. Michael. You. Are. Beautiful.
country_vintage_wedding_0046 country_vintage_wedding_0047 country_vintage_wedding_0048 country_vintage_wedding_0049 country_vintage_wedding_0050 country_vintage_wedding_0051 country_vintage_wedding_0052 country_vintage_wedding_0053 country_vintage_wedding_0054
The cutest ring bearers around!
country_vintage_wedding_0055 country_vintage_wedding_0056 country_vintage_wedding_0057 country_vintage_wedding_0058 country_vintage_wedding_0059 country_vintage_wedding_0060 country_vintage_wedding_0061 country_vintage_wedding_0062 country_vintage_wedding_0065 country_vintage_wedding_0063 country_vintage_wedding_0066 country_vintage_wedding_0064 country_vintage_wedding_0067 country_vintage_wedding_0068 country_vintage_wedding_0069
country_vintage_wedding_0071 country_vintage_wedding_0072 country_vintage_wedding_0073 country_vintage_wedding_0076
So thankful these girls were in boots and were so willing to trek through the field for me!
country_vintage_wedding_0074 country_vintage_wedding_0075 country_vintage_wedding_0077 country_vintage_wedding_0078 country_vintage_wedding_0080 country_vintage_wedding_0079 country_vintage_wedding_0081 country_vintage_wedding_0082 country_vintage_wedding_0083 country_vintage_wedding_0084
Reason #478 why I love working with my second shooters, while I’m grabbing group shots, they’re seeing this! Thanks, Hope!
Had to show off the socks!
country_vintage_wedding_0086 country_vintage_wedding_0087 country_vintage_wedding_0088 country_vintage_wedding_0089 country_vintage_wedding_0090 country_vintage_wedding_0091 country_vintage_wedding_0098 country_vintage_wedding_0092
Tim! You’re melting my heart!
country_vintage_wedding_0093 country_vintage_wedding_0095 country_vintage_wedding_0094 country_vintage_wedding_0096 country_vintage_wedding_0097 country_vintage_wedding_0099 country_vintage_wedding_0100
The gorgeous locations at Airlie never end…
country_vintage_wedding_0101 country_vintage_wedding_0102 country_vintage_wedding_0103 country_vintage_wedding_0104 country_vintage_wedding_0105 country_vintage_wedding_0106 country_vintage_wedding_0107 country_vintage_wedding_0109 country_vintage_wedding_0114 country_vintage_wedding_0108 country_vintage_wedding_0111 country_vintage_wedding_0110 country_vintage_wedding_0112 country_vintage_wedding_0115 country_vintage_wedding_0113 country_vintage_wedding_0116
Absolutely adorable…
country_vintage_wedding_0117 country_vintage_wedding_0118 country_vintage_wedding_0119
Married magic!
country_vintage_wedding_0120 country_vintage_wedding_0121 country_vintage_wedding_0122 country_vintage_wedding_0123 country_vintage_wedding_0124 country_vintage_wedding_0125
Personalized mason jar mugs as escort cards? Pure genius.
country_vintage_wedding_0126 country_vintage_wedding_0130 country_vintage_wedding_0133 country_vintage_wedding_0127 country_vintage_wedding_0132 country_vintage_wedding_0128 country_vintage_wedding_0129 country_vintage_wedding_0131
Tim’s mom is an incredibly talented cake designer! She made this beauty to perfectly complement the day.
country_vintage_wedding_0134 country_vintage_wedding_0135 country_vintage_wedding_0136 country_vintage_wedding_0137 country_vintage_wedding_0138 country_vintage_wedding_0139 country_vintage_wedding_0140 country_vintage_wedding_0141 country_vintage_wedding_0142 country_vintage_wedding_0143
Maybe one of the sweetest first dances ever.
country_vintage_wedding_0144 country_vintage_wedding_0145
And maybe one of the funniest toasts.
The FBI even got involved :)
country_vintage_wedding_0147 country_vintage_wedding_0148 country_vintage_wedding_0149 country_vintage_wedding_0150 country_vintage_wedding_0151 country_vintage_wedding_0152 country_vintage_wedding_0153 country_vintage_wedding_0154 country_vintage_wedding_0155 country_vintage_wedding_0156 country_vintage_wedding_0157 country_vintage_wedding_0158 country_vintage_wedding_0159 country_vintage_wedding_0160 country_vintage_wedding_0161 country_vintage_wedding_0162 country_vintage_wedding_0163 country_vintage_wedding_0164 country_vintage_wedding_0165 country_vintage_wedding_0166 country_vintage_wedding_0167 country_vintage_wedding_0168 country_vintage_wedding_0169 country_vintage_wedding_0170 country_vintage_wedding_0171 country_vintage_wedding_0172 country_vintage_wedding_0173 country_vintage_wedding_0174 country_vintage_wedding_0175 country_vintage_wedding_0176 country_vintage_wedding_0177

Congratulations, Lindsay and Tim! Thank you to all of their splendid vendors:
Venue » Airlie Center
Wedding Gown » Cristiano Lucci
Bridesmaids’ Dresses » Kohl’s
Mens’ Tuxes » Men’s Wearhouse
Florist » Whole Foods
Hair and Makeup » Go Go Gorgeous
Caterer » Airlie Center
Bakery » Darlene’s Specialty Cakes
Wedding Coordinator » Events by Gina Harris
Second Shooter » Hope Taylor Photography

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