Jess & Mike | Manassas Battlefield Engagement

Moving to a new place can be downright terrifying. Heck, at the beginning of this year, I moved less than an hour away from my hometown to a city where I’m surrounded by friends from almost every part of my life and—wimp alert—I still had a few nights of crying in my room, wanting everything to feel more familiar than it did.

But there’s adventure in that unfamiliarity, too. And adventure is exactly what Jess felt when she took a job that moved her from her home and everything she knew in Michigan to Northern Virginia. It was an adventure, for sure, and the excitement of it all kept her going for the first few months. But before long, the adventure of it all became less and less novel, and a busy work schedule paired with a city full of friends she hadn’t met yet was burning Jess out. So she did what any busy girl looking for friends in a new city would do: Jess turned online. Though she was only looking for friendship when she first met Mike, they shared similar interests and she loved their time together, and before long, she found herself really liking this guy.

Fast forward a few years from “like” to “love,” and Mike took Jess on a belated birthday horseback ride, one of Jess’s favorite activities that she hadn’t been able to find much time for since her move to Virginia. They rode through the Virginia country side to a romantic picnic that had been set up just for them, and suddenly Jess realized what was happening. Taking Mike by surprise, she exclaimed, “Yes I’ll marry you!!!” before Mike could even ask the question. At least he knew he was in the clear! ;) He showed her the (phenomenal) ring, and after a moment of disbelief that it was real life, Jess quickly reaffirmed her answer. YES!

I could not have had more fun with Jess and Mike last week strolling around the Manassas battlefields during a gorgeous evening. Jess is quite possibly one of the kindest people I’ve met, and Mike loves his fiancee somethin’ fierce. You can see it in his smile, his eyes, the way he can’t look at her without a grin taking over his face. Seriously, if you’re ever in a bad mood and need to be cheered up, go spend some time with these two and you will leave knowing the world is actually a really great place. I hope y’all enjoy a few of my favorites from their session featuring the most gorgeous sunset and an appearance from Jess’ smokin’ blue mustang!

Despite one heckuva rain storm that morning, the sunlight that afternoon was just golden!
Less than five minutes in and this sweetness happens? I knew it was gonna be a good afternoon.
manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0003 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0005 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0004 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0006 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0007 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0008 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0009 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0010 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0011 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0012 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0013
You two are one stunner of a couple!
manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0014 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0015 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0016 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0017 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0018 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0019 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0020 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0021 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0065 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0022 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0023
MIKE! This is the sweetest thing.
manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0025 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0024
Remember that phenomenal ring I mentioned?
And the pretty car? :)
manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0027 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0028
What. A. Favorite.

manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0029 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0030 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0031 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0032 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0033 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0034
Gorgeous, Jess!!
manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0036 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0037 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0035 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0038 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0039 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0040
We headed up the hill, and were greeted by this light…
manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0041 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0042 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0043 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0044 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0045 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0046 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0047

manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0048 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0049 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0050 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0051 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0052 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0053 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0054 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0055 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0062 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0056 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0057 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0058 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0059 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0060 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0061 manassas_battlefield_sunset_engagement_0063
And we’ll end with this one, dripping with all kinds of sweetness. <3

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