The Viewfinder: June 2014

Ever since I was little, I always remember my mom loving to garden, and in the 10-acre field surrounding our house, she always had plenty of room to do it. My parents’ property is bejeweled by colorful garden beds, beautiful landscaping and always a bountiful veggie garden. While I was growing up, I didn’t take a ton of interest in my mom’s favorite hobby of pulling weeds and watering plants—I was much happier inside watching endless marathons of America’s Next Top Model, thank you very much. Besides, gardening was a hobby for 55-year-old women. I just didn’t see the appeal. Not then, at least. But when I first moved out into my own home, it began to click. I’m a visual person, and I like the things around me to be pretty. And hey, flowers are pretty. I also have grown to love the idea of planting and harvesting the food that I eat—what’s cooler than making a recipe with peppers from your own back yard? So when I moved earlier this year and realized that we had space to garden, I was thrilled. I planted a bed full of crazy flowers as well as a square-foot vegetable garden! I’ve been watering and loving the little plants for about a month or so, waiting patiently to see the veggies of my labor. This morning I walked outside and turned on the spigot to water my garden (because I’m secretly a 55-year-old woman, obviously) like I do most mornings, but when I got to the pepper plant, a teeny tiny baby pepper greeted me! Talk about a good morning! I looked around at some of the other plants, and found not one, but TWO little green tomatoes the size of marbles growing happily in the next pot over. I know how ridiculously nerdy I must sound, but it was so exciting to see these little veggies that I’ve been taking care of start to grow!

square_foot_garden_0019 square_foot_garden_0017 square_foot_garden_0015 square_foot_garden_0020

Besides these little cuties appearing, May was full of a ton of great happenings! Here they are along with a few of my plans for June. Can’t wait for this month to get rolling!

May DONE’s:

– Four Weddings.
Have you seen all of the incredible couples on the blog this past month? Don’t miss em!

– New brand!
Oh, it’s coming y’all!

– A mini-trip to the beach!
This trip got postponed a little bit to THIS coming Friday! I couldn’t be more excited!

– Sign up for a race.
Anybody care to join me in the SAVANNAH HALF MARATHON?! This girl is gonna be getting her run on!!

June DO’s:

– It’s wedding season!
Well, ok, it has been for a while :) But hasn’t June always been the “traditional” wedding month? Maybe I just made that up. At any rate, I’ll be traveling up to Pennsylvania two weekends this month and staying a bit closer to home for two other, all to help four fabulous couples celebrate their day!

– Start training.
Well, now that I’ve signed up for this race, maybe I ought to get running. My running discipline from last summer did not seem to transfer over into 2014, but it’s time to get back at it! But sometimes a marathon reading of Game of Thrones just sounds so much more enjoyable than a running marathon ;)

– Eat my veggies!
So that pepper may be a littttle to small to eat at this point, but by the end of this month I will definitely have more fresh veggies than I know what do to with! I’m going all Pioneer Woman on you guys, it’s going to be pretty fantastic.

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