Christine & Phil | River Creek Club Wedding

“We’re all a little weird, and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”

Pinterest likes to attribute this quote to Dr. Seuss, but I’m not buying it since nothing rhymes and there aren’t any made up words. Also, no mention of green eggs or The Lorax. Total red flags! But I love it still, because there is so much simple truth in it. We are all a little weird. I think recognizing that fact has been one of the bigger joys in my life. It frees you up to be different, to have awkward moments, and to be super excited about something that most folks don’t get super excited about. Because heck, if everyone gets to enjoy their weirdness, why shouldn’t you?

But it’s the mutual weirdness thing… that’s the really special part. That’s the part that makes it possible for someone to make you smile constantly, for someone to laugh at your jokes—even the lame ones. It’s the thing that makes it possible to love and want nothing more than to spend as much time together as you can—like, the rest of your life kind of time. And if I had to bet, I’d say that’s exactly what Christine and Phil found in each other. (Disclaimer! Christine and Phil really aren’t that weird, in fact, they’re two of the sweetest humans you might ever meet. They just used the idea on their adorable save-the-dates and I am shamelessly running with it ;)) After the self-proclaimed “dorky people” and lovers of Star Wars met, Christine and Phil just couldn’t get enough of each other, and it didn’t take long for them to realize that this was the kind of mutual weirdness that lasts a lifetime.

Their wedding at the River Creek Club in Leesburg was nothing short of wonderful. The sun shone down on the Potomac River as Christine walked up to Phil for their first look, and Phil’s sweet reaction to seeing his bride for the first time characterized the rest of the day: to him, she was the only person in the room, in the building, in a a mile-wide radius. It’s something pretty special to get to witness that kind of love. Even as the night went on into their reception, family and friends celebrating all around them (and MAN do Phil and Christine’s families know how to dance!), these two had eye locked on each other for the whole night.

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Thuma

Remember this beauty of a ring?!
rock_creek_club_wedding_0007 rock_creek_club_wedding_0004 rock_creek_club_wedding_0002 rock_creek_club_wedding_0006 rock_creek_club_wedding_0005 rock_creek_club_wedding_0013 rock_creek_club_wedding_0008
I loved Christine’s sweet gifts for her mom and sister!
See? Save-the-date proof ;) rock_creek_club_wedding_0010 rock_creek_club_wedding_0011 rock_creek_club_wedding_0014 rock_creek_club_wedding_0009 rock_creek_club_wedding_0015 rock_creek_club_wedding_0019 rock_creek_club_wedding_0016
Christine’s bouquet (and ALL of hers and Phil’s florals!) were the perfect pop of color for the day!
rock_creek_club_wedding_0028 rock_creek_club_wedding_0017 rock_creek_club_wedding_0018 rock_creek_club_wedding_0029 rock_creek_club_wedding_0020 rock_creek_club_wedding_0021 rock_creek_club_wedding_0025
Absolutely positively stunning, lady.
rock_creek_club_wedding_0026 rock_creek_club_wedding_0027
The boys getting dapper…
rock_creek_club_wedding_0022 rock_creek_club_wedding_0024 rock_creek_club_wedding_0023
And time for the first look!
rock_creek_club_wedding_0030 rock_creek_club_wedding_0031 rock_creek_club_wedding_0032
The sweetest!
rock_creek_club_wedding_0033 rock_creek_club_wedding_0035 rock_creek_club_wedding_0034 rock_creek_club_wedding_0036 rock_creek_club_wedding_0037
You two. Absolute models.
rock_creek_club_wedding_0038 rock_creek_club_wedding_0039 rock_creek_club_wedding_0040 rock_creek_club_wedding_0041
River Creek Club has some amazing views of the Potomac! And passing kayakers ;)
rock_creek_club_wedding_0045 rock_creek_club_wedding_0042 rock_creek_club_wedding_0043
Love this on the left!
rock_creek_club_wedding_0044 rock_creek_club_wedding_0048 rock_creek_club_wedding_0046 rock_creek_club_wedding_0049 rock_creek_club_wedding_0050 rock_creek_club_wedding_0051 rock_creek_club_wedding_0054 rock_creek_club_wedding_0053 rock_creek_club_wedding_0052
Five-star favorite!!! Gosh, I just love your love!
And here’s why it’s awesome to have a second shooter: while I grabbed the shot above, the ever-wonderful Matoli got this angle!
rock_creek_club_wedding_0055 rock_creek_club_wedding_0057 rock_creek_club_wedding_0058 rock_creek_club_wedding_0061 rock_creek_club_wedding_0062 rock_creek_club_wedding_0059 rock_creek_club_wedding_0060 rock_creek_club_wedding_0063 rock_creek_club_wedding_0065 rock_creek_club_wedding_0064 rock_creek_club_wedding_0066 rock_creek_club_wedding_0067 rock_creek_club_wedding_0070 rock_creek_club_wedding_0069 rock_creek_club_wedding_0071 rock_creek_club_wedding_0072 rock_creek_club_wedding_0073 rock_creek_club_wedding_0077 rock_creek_club_wedding_0074
Oh, this pretty pretty river light…
rock_creek_club_wedding_0076 rock_creek_club_wedding_0075 rock_creek_club_wedding_0080 rock_creek_club_wedding_0081 rock_creek_club_wedding_0082 rock_creek_club_wedding_0084 rock_creek_club_wedding_0083 rock_creek_club_wedding_0079 rock_creek_club_wedding_0085 rock_creek_club_wedding_0086 rock_creek_club_wedding_0087
I loved Christine’s sister’s dress! So sweet!
rock_creek_club_wedding_0088 rock_creek_club_wedding_0089 rock_creek_club_wedding_0090 rock_creek_club_wedding_0091 rock_creek_club_wedding_0093 rock_creek_club_wedding_0094 rock_creek_club_wedding_0095 rock_creek_club_wedding_0096 rock_creek_club_wedding_0097 rock_creek_club_wedding_0098 rock_creek_club_wedding_0099 rock_creek_club_wedding_0100
Time to say I do…
rock_creek_club_wedding_0101 rock_creek_club_wedding_0102 rock_creek_club_wedding_0103 rock_creek_club_wedding_0104 rock_creek_club_wedding_0105 rock_creek_club_wedding_0106 rock_creek_club_wedding_0107 rock_creek_club_wedding_0111 rock_creek_club_wedding_0109 rock_creek_club_wedding_0110 rock_creek_club_wedding_0113
rock_creek_club_wedding_0114 rock_creek_club_wedding_0115
What’d I tell ya? Beautiful florals EVERYWHERE!
rock_creek_club_wedding_0116 rock_creek_club_wedding_0117 rock_creek_club_wedding_0118 rock_creek_club_wedding_0119 rock_creek_club_wedding_0120 rock_creek_club_wedding_0121
(Baby Christine and Phil!! Ahhh!)
For table numbers, C+P used wine bottles from their favorite vineyards, and at the end of the night, a lucky guest at each table got to take it home! I love that!
rock_creek_club_wedding_0123 rock_creek_club_wedding_0124 rock_creek_club_wedding_0125 rock_creek_club_wedding_0126 rock_creek_club_wedding_0127 rock_creek_club_wedding_0128 rock_creek_club_wedding_0129 rock_creek_club_wedding_0130
Mr. and Mrs…
rock_creek_club_wedding_0131 rock_creek_club_wedding_0132 rock_creek_club_wedding_0133 rock_creek_club_wedding_0134 rock_creek_club_wedding_0135 rock_creek_club_wedding_0136 rock_creek_club_wedding_0137 rock_creek_club_wedding_0138 rock_creek_club_wedding_0139 rock_creek_club_wedding_0140
Love love love this.
rock_creek_club_wedding_0141 rock_creek_club_wedding_0142 rock_creek_club_wedding_0143
Christine and Phil now share an anniversary with Christine’s parents! Such a special date!
rock_creek_club_wedding_0144 rock_creek_club_wedding_0145 rock_creek_club_wedding_0146 rock_creek_club_wedding_0149 rock_creek_club_wedding_0147 rock_creek_club_wedding_0148 rock_creek_club_wedding_0150 rock_creek_club_wedding_0151 rock_creek_club_wedding_0152
Told you there was some serious dancing happening at this reception :)
rock_creek_club_wedding_0153 rock_creek_club_wedding_0154

Congratulations, Christine and Phil! I couldn’t be happier for you two!! And a huge thank you to all of their vendors:

Coming soon!

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