Happy Father’s Day & Lessons Learned


In honor of Father’s Day, I present a reflection of the lessons my dad and I have shared with each other over the years.

Lessons I’ve learned from my dad:

1) How to rock the ginger genes. (Freckle tan fo’ life!)
2) Sometimes it’s better to listen and learn rather than stubbornly not asking for help.
3) How to change a tire so that you can be stubborn and not ask for help.
4) How to ride a bike.
5) How to refrain from laughing when your 24-year old daughter falls off her bike. (I blame the clip-in pedals!)
6) The superiority of Penn State to all other universities. ;)
7) How to make it to every single game/race/recital of your children, cheering them on all the way.
8) How to enjoy a good cigar on a warm summer evening.
9) F-stops, apertures, ISO and a deep-seeded love for a camera and a lens.
10) How much it means to your kids when you push them to dream a little bigger and support them in running after those same dreams.

Lessons my dad has learned from me:

1) How to take a selfie.
2) …

It seems I have some catching up to do. Happy Father’s Day, daddio :)

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