Kelsey & Reggie | Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Wedding

I remember when I was little, before I became an adamant believer in unruined surprises. In late December or early April, I could always be found snooping around my parent’s room, hoping to catch a glimpse of a Christmas or birthday present. When my mom inevitably discovered what I was up to (I wasn’t the sneakiest of 5-year-olds) and shooed me away, I’m sure I asked why I couldn’t just have all of my presents now?? And I’m sure my mom spouted out some parental wisdom like, “Waiting will make it so much sweeter!” My eyes, how they rolled.

But now, with almost five times as many years  under my belt, I’ve learned that my mom was actually right in her old parenting adage. I learned it to be true while waiting to save up for my very first DSLR camera, or waiting for what seemed like an eternally long nine months to finally meet my precious nephew, or waiting for the cookie batter to bake in the ov—wait. Wait, no. I don’t actually do that last one.

So, if waiting brings out the sweetest notes in life, then Kelsey and Reggie’s wedding? It was sweeter than honey.

Kelsey first met Reggie while she was in college, working at a restaurant near Myrtle Beach. What started as just a friendship quickly grew into a full-fledged romance, and it didn’t take long for Kelsey to recognize that she saw herself spending the rest of her life with Reggie. Reggie, on the other hand, took his time in coming to the same conclusion. As each year went by, Kelsey and her best friend were sure that this was the year! But Reggie knew the sweetness of waiting ;) So when he took Kelsey to Charleston for day trip to the farmer’s market, Kelsey never saw it coming: Reggie led Kelsey to the pineapple fountain where they had taken a photo together a few years ago, only this time, Reggie had planned ahead. A photographer was ready and waiting for them, and just when Kelsey was worried about getting in the photographer’s way, Reggie knelt down on one knee and she realized what he was taking photos of! Kelsey grinned and said her long-awaited, “YES!” to the man she’d known she wanted to marry for so long.

Kelsey grew up in Northern Virginia, and so I had the absolute pleasure of being the one to photograph hers and Reggie’s wedding celebration this past Saturday at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Virginia. Meadowlark and its gorgeous natural setting is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues around! And Reggie and Kelsey’s southern-themed wedding was no exception. Between the palm frond roses (a nod to their South Carolina home), Kelsey’s gorgeous dress and the absolutely incredible ring that Reggie chose for her, I knew the day would be one to remember. Kelsey and Reggie, you two have a pair of the biggest hearts around, and I it was pretty darn incredible to get to witness those hearts become one. Thank you, thank you for welcoming me to your day as a friend and for allowing me the chance to capture your love and your joy!

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. LaPiere

meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0004 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0006 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0005
Kelsey’s dress may be one of my all-time favorites. So light and airy! And that flower!
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0003 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0007
Peonies and garden roses are most certainly on the map to the way to my heart. Loved Kelsey’s gorgeous bouquet!
Not to mention the ring that I could photograph for days…
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0017 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0008 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0015 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0013 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0018 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0009 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0011 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0010
Palm roses as boutonnieres! Perfect!
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0020 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0012 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0016 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0001
The guys had a toast, and made “carpet angels” while getting ready ;) (Huge thanks to Hope Taylor Photography for these shots!)
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0002 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0021 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0022 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0023 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0024 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0025
And the girls had a toast of their own.
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0026 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0027 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0028 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0029 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0030 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0031 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0032 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0033 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0034
Love this view!!
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0035 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0036 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0037 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0040 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0038 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0039 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0041 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0042 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0044
Married, y’all!!!
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0043 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0048 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0045 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0053
Kelsey and Reggie’s wedding party was one of the sweetest and cutest I’ve ever photographed! So much joy!
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0047 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0049 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0056 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0046 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0051 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0062 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0055 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0057 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0059
Lovely, ladies!!
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0058 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0052
Ain’t no party like a rose petal party.
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0054 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0060 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0061 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0050 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0019 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0063 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0064 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0065 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0066
So many incredible backdrops at Meadowlark!
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0072 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0067
<3 <3 <3
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0068 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0069 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0073 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0070 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0074 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0071 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0075 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0077 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0076
Kelsey!! Work it lady!! I love this on the left.
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0078 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0081 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0079 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0080 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0082 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0083
This pair is two of my favorites!
Looking so good, Reggie!
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0084 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0086 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0087 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0089 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0088 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0090 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0092
You two are perfection.
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0091 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0093 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0097 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0095 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0094 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0096 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0098
And then Kelsey turned on the eyes like woah.
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0101 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0100 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0099
More peony love at the reception!
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0102 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0103 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0105 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0104
Reggie and Kelsey’s sweet pup, Homer, didn’t make the trip up from SC, but he was there in spirit! And in the table numbers!
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0106 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0107 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0108 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0109 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0110 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0111 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0112
It’s not a southern meal without cornbread!
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0113 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0114 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0115 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0116 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0117 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0118 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0119 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0120 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0121 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0122 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0123 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0124 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0125 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0126 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0127 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0128 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0129
We snuck the newlyweds out for a few minutes to capture shots at the Korean Bell Garden. The bell is only rung a few times during the year, and summer solstice, aka K&R’s wedding date, happens to be on of those times!
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0130 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0131 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0132 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0133 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0134 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0135 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0136 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0137
GUYS. I have to words for you: Bubble Exits.
meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0138 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0139 meadowlark_gardens_summer_wedding_0140

Congratulations, Kelsey and Reggie! Hope you’re having a BLAST in HAWAII!!!

Of course, a big thank you to the folks who made their celebration possible:
Venue » The Atrium at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens
Wedding Gown » Essense of Australia, D1413
Bridesmaids’ Dresses » Donna Morgan, “Blair”
Junior Bridesmaids’ Dresses » Daisy Bridal House
Men’s Suits » Men’s Wearhouse
Hair and Makeup » Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa Reston
Florist » Karin’s Florist
Caterer » Great Blue Heron Catering
Bakery » Fluffy Thoughts Bakery
Stationery » The Dandelion Patch
Linens » Party Rentals Ltd
DJ » Mark Dreibelbis
Second Shooter » Hope Taylor Photography

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