Kim & Ryan | Penn State Blue & White Wedding

If you’ve ever met a Penn Stater, you don’t need me to tell you that our alumni are a bit uh, fanatical about our alma mater. And why shouldn’t we be? We spent (at least) four years learning and growing and being shaped into real adult human beings at one of the magical places in the world. Penn State’s alma mater song says it best: Thou didst mould us, Dear Old State.

But for some, the love for all things blue and white draws its significance not just from the place where they attended university, but the place where they met their life’s partner in crime. Call me crazy, but I think it’s something special when you couples get to share a love for their school, and even more meaningful when they had the chance to spend some of those years on campus together. Kim and Ryan experienced both sides of the coin: spending two years together on campus and two apart while Ryan received his master’s degree at Michigan State. If there were ever a pair who had enough love to cover the distance across half of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Lake Erie (and back again!), it’s Ryan and Kim.

This past Saturday as I had the privilege of helping these two incredible people celebrate their wedding, the love the Ryan had for Kim was shining. Exuding. Palpable. And when Kim is in Ryan’s arms, you can just tell that she is home. Their love is a pretty incredible one, and I feel so lucky to have been a part of their day. Kim and Ryan, I am so happy that our lives have intersected! I hope you love reliving your day through your images, and that you have an incredible time in ST. LUCIA!!

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Stahl

penn_state_themed_wedding_0003 penn_state_themed_wedding_0006 penn_state_themed_wedding_0001 penn_state_themed_wedding_0002 penn_state_themed_wedding_0007 penn_state_themed_wedding_0004 penn_state_themed_wedding_0008
PAUSE. Let’s take a moment to admire Kim’s incredibly gorgeous dress. So much pretty!
penn_state_themed_wedding_0013 penn_state_themed_wedding_0005 penn_state_themed_wedding_0014 penn_state_themed_wedding_0017 penn_state_themed_wedding_0016 penn_state_themed_wedding_0015 penn_state_themed_wedding_0018
Kim’s bridesmaids reactions to seeing her in her dress were the sweetest!
penn_state_themed_wedding_0019 penn_state_themed_wedding_0022 penn_state_themed_wedding_0025 penn_state_themed_wedding_0024 penn_state_themed_wedding_0009
LADY!! Go ahead with your gorgeous self! So stunning, Kim!
penn_state_themed_wedding_0021 penn_state_themed_wedding_0011 penn_state_themed_wedding_0020 penn_state_themed_wedding_0023 penn_state_themed_wedding_0012 penn_state_themed_wedding_0010 penn_state_themed_wedding_0026 penn_state_themed_wedding_0027 penn_state_themed_wedding_0028 penn_state_themed_wedding_0029 penn_state_themed_wedding_0030
Time to walk his daughter down the aisle :) Many thanks to Catara Carrell for capturing this and many other amazing shots of this day!
penn_state_themed_wedding_0031 penn_state_themed_wedding_0032
Stunned by his bride!
penn_state_themed_wedding_0033 penn_state_themed_wedding_0034 penn_state_themed_wedding_0035 penn_state_themed_wedding_0037 penn_state_themed_wedding_0036 penn_state_themed_wedding_0038 penn_state_themed_wedding_0039 penn_state_themed_wedding_0040
penn_state_themed_wedding_0041 penn_state_themed_wedding_0042
And SO joyful!!!
penn_state_themed_wedding_0043 penn_state_themed_wedding_0044 penn_state_themed_wedding_0045 penn_state_themed_wedding_0046 penn_state_themed_wedding_0047 penn_state_themed_wedding_0048 penn_state_themed_wedding_0057 penn_state_themed_wedding_0049 penn_state_themed_wedding_0050 penn_state_themed_wedding_0051 penn_state_themed_wedding_0052 penn_state_themed_wedding_0053 penn_state_themed_wedding_0055 penn_state_themed_wedding_0056 penn_state_themed_wedding_0054 penn_state_themed_wedding_0058 penn_state_themed_wedding_0059 penn_state_themed_wedding_0060 penn_state_themed_wedding_0061
This little mint porch was the perfect portrait location. Collegeville, PA, you’re pretty darn cute!
penn_state_themed_wedding_0062 penn_state_themed_wedding_0071 penn_state_themed_wedding_0063 penn_state_themed_wedding_0064 penn_state_themed_wedding_0067
Marriage looks good on you two ;)
penn_state_themed_wedding_0065 penn_state_themed_wedding_0069 penn_state_themed_wedding_0073
Love this!
penn_state_themed_wedding_0066 penn_state_themed_wedding_0076 penn_state_themed_wedding_0068 penn_state_themed_wedding_0075 penn_state_themed_wedding_0070 penn_state_themed_wedding_0072 penn_state_themed_wedding_0074 penn_state_themed_wedding_0077 penn_state_themed_wedding_0078 penn_state_themed_wedding_0081 penn_state_themed_wedding_0079 penn_state_themed_wedding_0080 penn_state_themed_wedding_0082 penn_state_themed_wedding_0083 penn_state_themed_wedding_0088
Work. It. Kim!

penn_state_themed_wedding_0084 penn_state_themed_wedding_0085 penn_state_themed_wedding_0086 penn_state_themed_wedding_0087 penn_state_themed_wedding_0089 penn_state_themed_wedding_0090
Always love a big ol’ tree!
penn_state_themed_wedding_0091 penn_state_themed_wedding_0092 penn_state_themed_wedding_0095 penn_state_themed_wedding_0093
And to think, Kim almost didn’t wear her veil!! Love love love these!
penn_state_themed_wedding_0098 penn_state_themed_wedding_0094 penn_state_themed_wedding_0096 penn_state_themed_wedding_0097 penn_state_themed_wedding_0099 penn_state_themed_wedding_0100 penn_state_themed_wedding_0101 penn_state_themed_wedding_0102
Each table was identified by a place on campus that had been special to Ryan and Kim. I loved it!

penn_state_themed_wedding_0103 penn_state_themed_wedding_0104 penn_state_themed_wedding_0105 penn_state_themed_wedding_0106 penn_state_themed_wedding_0107 penn_state_themed_wedding_0108 penn_state_themed_wedding_0109
How about this miniature Beaver Stadium field that Kim’s dad created? I need one!
penn_state_themed_wedding_0110 penn_state_themed_wedding_0111 penn_state_themed_wedding_0112 penn_state_themed_wedding_0113 penn_state_themed_wedding_0114 You guys ready for this?! It’s a LION SHRINE GROOMS CAKE!? Can EVERY wedding have one of these? penn_state_themed_wedding_0115 penn_state_themed_wedding_0116
Just the coolest.
penn_state_themed_wedding_0117 penn_state_themed_wedding_0118 penn_state_themed_wedding_0119 penn_state_themed_wedding_0121 penn_state_themed_wedding_0122 penn_state_themed_wedding_0123 penn_state_themed_wedding_0124 penn_state_themed_wedding_0125 penn_state_themed_wedding_0126 penn_state_themed_wedding_0127 penn_state_themed_wedding_0128 penn_state_themed_wedding_0129 penn_state_themed_wedding_0130 penn_state_themed_wedding_0131 penn_state_themed_wedding_0135 penn_state_themed_wedding_0138 penn_state_themed_wedding_0136 penn_state_themed_wedding_0137 penn_state_themed_wedding_0120 penn_state_themed_wedding_0139 penn_state_themed_wedding_0150 penn_state_themed_wedding_0149 penn_state_themed_wedding_0140
Even the Creamery’s famous ice cream made an appearance!
penn_state_themed_wedding_0132 penn_state_themed_wedding_0133 penn_state_themed_wedding_0134
As the sunset, I knew we had to take advantage of the gorgeous evening.
penn_state_themed_wedding_0141 penn_state_themed_wedding_0142 penn_state_themed_wedding_0143 penn_state_themed_wedding_0144
Oh golden hour…
penn_state_themed_wedding_0145 penn_state_themed_wedding_0147 penn_state_themed_wedding_0148 Just beautiful, you two.

Congratulations, Ryan and Kim!!! Big thanks to the vendors that made this incredible Nittany Lion wedding possible!

Venue » Spring Hollow Golf Club, Spring City, PA
Church » Trinity United Church of Christ, Collegeville, PA
Wedding Gown » Vera Wang for David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids’ Dresses » David’s Bridal
Men’s Suits » Men’s Wearhouse
Makeup » Kouture Beauty Designs
Hair » Roseann’s Hair Salon
Florist » Jenny Greenwald
Caterer » Spring Hollow Golf Club
Bakery » Sugar Buzz
Stationery » VistaPrint
Photobooth » iLOVE Team
DJ » VIP DJ Entertainment
Second Shooter » Catara Carrell Photography

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