Wendy & Brian | Lorien Hotel Wedding

“What are the chances?” Wendy’s sister asked. “What are the chances that you two would find each other?”

Wendy resided in the nation’s capital, and Brian lived in rural Nebraska. It’s true: statistically, these two wonderful people didn’t have a great chance of meeting, of having that first conversation, and another and another after that, of crossing multiple state lines to visit each other, of falling in love and knowing beyond a doubt that they’d found real, true love. But the funny thing about statistics is that, for all of their probabilities, they don’t often matter when it comes to love. Wendy and Brian are living proof that love isn’t bound to probabilities or statistics, and definitely not to state lines.

Now, Wendy is trading beltway traffic and D.C. politics for the open fields and fresh air of Nebraska. In each other they’ve found the one whom their souls love, and to see them together—the pure joy, giddy excitement and obvious love that could fill miles between Nebraska and D.C. one thousand times over—is something so truly special. Wendy’s incredibly sweet smile and demeanor seems even sweeter when she looks at Brian, and I can’t even begin to describe the way that Brian lights up with Wendy by his side—so I guess I’ll just have to show you. ;)

Wendy and Brian, it so obvious to see that you two have found something so special in your love. Thank you for inviting me into your lives and your gorgeous celebration to document it. I am so excited to get to share your joy right back with you!

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Schardt


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Remember this stunning ring? You’ll be seeing a lot of it today!
Wendy’s bouquet was to die for! How stunning are these orchids??
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Lace love.
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Wendy!! You are a marvelous, stunningly beautiful bride.
old_town_alexandria_wedding-24 old_town_alexandria_wedding-23 old_town_alexandria_wedding-25
And Brian, you make such a dapper groom.
old_town_alexandria_wedding-26 old_town_alexandria_wedding-29 old_town_alexandria_wedding-27 old_town_alexandria_wedding-28 old_town_alexandria_wedding-30 old_town_alexandria_wedding-31
Thank you to Matoli Keely for capturing this shot on the right! I love the anticipation of walking down the aisle.
old_town_alexandria_wedding-32 old_town_alexandria_wedding-35 old_town_alexandria_wedding-33 old_town_alexandria_wedding-34 old_town_alexandria_wedding-36 old_town_alexandria_wedding-37 old_town_alexandria_wedding-38
Married!! I love this!
old_town_alexandria_wedding-39 old_town_alexandria_wedding-40 old_town_alexandria_wedding-41
How about these gorgeous bouquets that matched each girl’s dress??
old_town_alexandria_wedding-43 old_town_alexandria_wedding-44 old_town_alexandria_wedding-45 old_town_alexandria_wedding-49 old_town_alexandria_wedding-48 old_town_alexandria_wedding-46 old_town_alexandria_wedding-51
So precious.
old_town_alexandria_wedding-47 old_town_alexandria_wedding-53 old_town_alexandria_wedding-50 old_town_alexandria_wedding-52 old_town_alexandria_wedding-54
Has there ever been a more elegant, gorgeous wedding couple? 
old_town_alexandria_wedding-55 old_town_alexandria_wedding-56 old_town_alexandria_wedding-57 old_town_alexandria_wedding-58 old_town_alexandria_wedding-60 old_town_alexandria_wedding-59 old_town_alexandria_wedding-61
This little alley was such a perfect portrait spot…
old_town_alexandria_wedding-62 old_town_alexandria_wedding-63 old_town_alexandria_wedding-64 old_town_alexandria_wedding-65
Still swooning over Wendy’s dress!
old_town_alexandria_wedding-66 old_town_alexandria_wedding-67
old_town_alexandria_wedding-68 old_town_alexandria_wedding-00 old_town_alexandria_wedding-42
The Lorien Hotel in Old Town Alexandria was such a unique and elegant venue! I especially loved the patio…
old_town_alexandria_wedding-69 old_town_alexandria_wedding-72 old_town_alexandria_wedding-73 old_town_alexandria_wedding-70 old_town_alexandria_wedding-71 old_town_alexandria_wedding-74 old_town_alexandria_wedding-76 old_town_alexandria_wedding-75 old_town_alexandria_wedding-77 old_town_alexandria_wedding-79 old_town_alexandria_wedding-78 old_town_alexandria_wedding-80
Mr. and Mrs.!
old_town_alexandria_wedding-81 old_town_alexandria_wedding-82 old_town_alexandria_wedding-83 old_town_alexandria_wedding-85
The absolute sweetest toasts…
…made for the 
sweetest reactions :) old_town_alexandria_wedding-86 old_town_alexandria_wedding-87 old_town_alexandria_wedding-88 old_town_alexandria_wedding-89 old_town_alexandria_wedding-90 old_town_alexandria_wedding-91 old_town_alexandria_wedding-92 old_town_alexandria_wedding-93 old_town_alexandria_wedding-94 old_town_alexandria_wedding-95 old_town_alexandria_wedding-96 old_town_alexandria_wedding-01 (1)
The Lorien’s library is a stunning display of white paper-wrapped books—so glad we got a shot here!
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Congratulations, Wendy and Brian!! And of course, thank you to everyone who made the day possible:

Venue » The Lorien Hotel and Spa
Church » Our Savior Lutheran Church
Wedding Gown » Ann Maier from Hitched Salon
Bridesmaids’ Dresses » J. Crew
Hair & Makeup » Sallie Keena
Florist » Beaumont House Floral Designs
Caterer » The Lorien Hotel and Spa
Bakery » Fluffy Thoughts
Stationery » The Dandelion Patch
Second Shooter » Matoli Keely Photography

  • July 11, 2014 - 9:11 am

    Erica - Steph! Such beautiful pictures! The portraits are fabulous! I love the colors! And Amy Adams is her doppelgänger.ReplyCancel

  • July 11, 2014 - 11:30 am

    alison dunn - love the color palette she chose!!ReplyCancel

  • July 11, 2014 - 12:57 pm

    Patricia Elkins - i love that the essence of your heart and soul is captured in so many places! You did it! Yaaaay!!!!!!!! I am thrilled for you all my sweet sweet friend

    MmwW oooooahhH


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