Kimberly & Josiah | Paoli, PA Wedding

Though it rarely happens, every once in a while I arrive at a wedding without having previously met the couple in person. Sometimes distance and sometimes schedules prevent meeting up for an engagement session, and a combination of Skype and FaceTime—whichever technology seems to be working better that day—takes the place of a face-to-face meeting over a delicious coffee in a crowded Starbucks. Weddings like these tend to make me a little more nervous than others, because I’m never quite sure what to expect. Will the couple be shy? Will they laugh at my awful jokes? Will they think I’m insane when I ask them to smize for me?

As I drove up i-95 on Saturday towards Josiah and Kimberly’s wedding, all of these thoughts raced through my brain, but the instant Kimberly walked through the doors of the church, my fears were quickly quelled. Just as kind, bright, and warm as she had been during our Skype chats, I knew my day spent with Kimberly was going to be incredible. But even as she put on her stunning dress with her mom and sister, I didn’t know just how incredible. Cue: Kimberly and Josiah’s first look. I hadn’t had the chance to meet Josiah either, but part of me loves meeting a groom for the first time just before he sees his wife. At that point, Steph the Photographer is the last person on his mind, and that’s just how I like it. K+J’s first look was one of the sweetest ever, and I’m 99.9% sure that it’s because they chose to do it in a why that was perfect just for them: no poses, no tap on the shoulder, just a groom opening the door for his bride and being absolutely stunned by her beauty. Take a look, you’ll see it, too!

The amount of sunlight on Saturday was rivaled only by the amount of laughter; Kimberly and Josiah are so sweet together because they are so joyful together. Their laughs absolutely permeated the day, and I can think of no surer sign of real, deep love than that. K+J, thank you thank you for inviting me into such an incredible day in your lives. I hope you’ll cherish these photos and their memories and that your live are always filled with that same, joyful laughter.

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Lindquist

paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0014 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0006 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0001

I so love this sapphire ring trend!! It adds such a great pop of color to every wedding!
Kimberly’s bouquet was wrapped in family lace and pinned with her grandfather’s pin. Though he wasn’t physically with her, it was so special for her to carry his heart with her down the aisle.
paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0010 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0007 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0002 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0015 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0017 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0005 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0013 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0011 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0008 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0009 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0003 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0012 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0016 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0018 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0019 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0020 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0021 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0022 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0023 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0024
The wedding took place at Kimberly’s home church, the place where she’d grown up. Her parents were even married in the church’s chapel so many years ago, and we had the privilege of taking a few of Kimberly’s bridal portraits on the very same steps. I wish I could do this every weekend!

paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0094 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0095
While I was with Kimberly, Matoli captured Josiah and the guys getting ready.
Just a bunch of guys tying ties ;)
paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0026 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0027 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0028
HOLY smokes, Josiah!!
One last kiss for her sister before the first look…
paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0030 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0031 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0033 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0032
Love, love, LOVE.
paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0034 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0035
Honestly, you two…
paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0036 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0037 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0038 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0039 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0040
So sweet!
paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0041 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0042 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0043 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0044 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0045 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0046 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0047 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0048 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0049 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0050
Gorgeous, the both of ya.
paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0051 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0052 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0053 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0055 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0054 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0056 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0057 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0058 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0059
Love this on the right… you guys make it look so easy.
paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0060 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0061 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0062 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0063
The Daylesford Abbey in Paoli offered some stunning backdrops for portraits.
paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0064 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0065
The shot on the right is Matoli’s and I LOVE it!
paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0066 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0067 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0068 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0069 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0070 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0071 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0072 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0073 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0074 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0089
One of the cutest flower girls around :)
paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0091 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0080 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0087 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0075 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0076 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0083 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0118 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0077 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0078 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0119 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0085 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0088 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0117 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0093 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0079

paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0082 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0081 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0084
So many reasons why I love this one!
One tearful hug for dad before they walk down the aisle…
paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0096 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0097 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0098 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0099 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0100 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0101 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0102 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0103
And one joyful hug for dad after they walked back up :)
paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0105 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0106 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0107 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0108 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0111 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0109 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0113
The High Point in Malvern offered an incredible rustic space for their reception!
paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0112 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0110 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0114 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0115 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0116 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0120 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0121 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0122 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0123 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0124 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0125 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0126 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0127 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0128 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0129 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0130 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0131 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0132 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0133 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0134 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0135 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0136 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0137 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0138 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0141 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0139 paoli-pennsylvania-wedding_0140
Congratulations, Josiah and Kimberly!


Credit to these wonderful vendors for making the day so gorgeous!

Reception Venue » The High Point, Malvern, PA
Church » Church of the Good Samaritan, Paoli, PA
Wedding Gown » Mori Lee, Style 1906
Bridesmaids’ Dresses » J. Crew, Newport Navy
Men’s Suits » Jos A Banks
Hair » Prestige Salon, Christy
Florist » Cottage Flowers Floral Design
Caterer » Queen of Hearts Catering
Bakery » Clay’s Bakery
Second Shooter » Matoli Keely Photography

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    Breanne - As per usual, you captured this day wonderfully. I cried a few times and I don’t even know these people! Keep up the good work :)ReplyCancel

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