Amanda & Jon | West Chester, PA Engagement

For every wedding I photograph, I always very strongly encourage the couple to have an engagement session with me before the big day. In fact, I think it’s so important to spend some time in front of your wedding photographer’s camera before you step into your wedding dress that I include an engagement session complimentary with every wedding I book. When you book a wedding photographer, you’re trusting them to capture one of the biggest days of your lives and signing up to spend a whole lot of time with them before, during and after you say “I Do.” You should be comfortable with how they work and know what to expect, so that on the day of your wedding, when you have a million other things flying through your brains, your photos will be one of the pieces of the day that doesn’t give you any added stress!

But I’ll clue you in on the wedding photographer’s little secret: engagement sessions help us, too. We know that you’re trusting us to capture of one the biggest days of your lives and signing up to spend a whole lot of time with us before, during and after you day “I Do,” so we want to get to know you before the potential chaos of that day. We want to see the little unique ways that you interact, so that on your wedding day, we know that every time he winks at her, her eyes LIGHT UP, and we won’t miss it. We want to know what kind of direction helps you two to ease into your real skin together, so that we can bypass all of warming up when time is precious and you want to get to your cocktail hour. But most of all, we just want to get to know you. Who your favorite band is or what incredible classes your taking in your Master’s program or the crazy antics of the little town that you grew up in. Because on your wedding day, wouldn’t it be incredible if, instead of spending hours with a stranger pointing a camera at you, that stranger could be your friend?

With Amanda and Jon, half of the equation was already there. During my years at Penn State I met my sweet, dear, beautiful, fun-sized friend Amanda. She adventured with me, co-led a Bible study with me, and even lived two floors above me our senior year. She’s one of the sweetest souls and when she told us that she was dating this Jon guy she’d met last year, it was a pretty big deal. Little did we know HOW big of a deal it was when this past spring, Amanda sent around a photo of her holding a small fish, captioned, “Check out what I caught today while fishing with Jon!” At first glance, it was just a little fish… but then I noticed the SPARKLE on her left ring finger!! I squealed I was so excited!!

A similar reaction ensued when Amanda asked me to be the one to photograph her wedding day! (Coming up in just a little over a WEEK!) I was more than thrilled to say YES! But there was one problem: I hadn’t actually met this awesome Jon guy yet. Though they weren’t sure at first, I talked them into a short little engagement session in their town of West Chester, PA while I was in the area a few weeks ago. It was short and sweet, but it was so incredible to get to meet Jon before their wedding day and to see how much love fills the space around these two when their together. Even just in our short time wandering around gorgeous West Chester in some REAL humid and hot weather, I can see all of the qualities that drew Amanda to Jon and helped him reel in this catch! ;) He’s kind-hearted, full of laughter, has a huge heart of service for the Lord AND a whole lot of love for my dear friend. I’m excited to share just a little peek at their engagement session in anticipation of their wedding coming in 10 DAYS! Ahhh!! TEN days, people!!

west-chester-pa-engagement_0005 west-chester-pa-engagement_0001
LOVE this!! You two are just beautiful :)
west-chester-pa-engagement_0008 west-chester-pa-engagement_0003 west-chester-pa-engagement_0002
John used Amanda’s grandma’s 
diamond in a new band. I love when meaning is folded into such a special symbol. west-chester-pa-engagement_0010
Hahaha so sassy. We’ll have to retake this when John has a ring of his own!
west-chester-pa-engagement_0007 west-chester-pa-engagement_0004 west-chester-pa-engagement_0006 west-chester-pa-engagement_0009

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