Whitney & Chris | Old Town Alexandria Engagement

You know those people who sometimes drag their feet? Who mull over decisions for weeks, months and years at a time?

Chris is not one of those people.

He had no doubt in his mind that Whitney was the one he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. So he did what any respectable suitor would do and asked for her father’s blessing to propose. (Sorry for getting Rude stuck in your head. I’m humming it while writing this whole post.) Whitney’s father happily agreed and welcomed Chris to the family, but only after offering the advice that Chris might not want to drag his feet, because Christmas was quickly approaching and Whitney was maybe getting a little expectant of a ring. Well, Chris took the advice quite seriously, and in less than 24 hours after seeking permission from her father, Chris had found a (GORGEOUS) ring and was on one knee, seeking Whitney’s permission to spend the rest of their lives together.

I love Chris’s decisiveness and the way it shows his love for Whitney. Pair it with his awesome since of humor and Whitney’s sweet demeanor and sharp wits and you’ve got one powerhouse duo. I met up with these two lovebirds earlier this week in Old Town Alexandria, the location where they met for the very first time. It was a hot and humid one, but Whitney and Chris made the whole evening SO fun and made it look so easy! I, for one, can’t wait for their PI DAY wedding celebration next March! For all you math nerds out there, they’ll be married on March 14, 2015 (or Pi to the 5th digit), so you know it’ll be a sweet one. For now, enjoy their gorgeous Alexandria engagement!

This little garden oasis in Old Town filled with gorgeous crepe myrtles was the perfect place to start out their session!
old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0009 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0004 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0006 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0001
Dangit, y’all look good.
old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0010 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0021 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0011 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0014 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0008 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0003 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0007 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0005 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0013 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0015 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0012
How about this gorgeous Tiffany’s ring?!
old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0020 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0017
Just a field of flowers in Old Town ;)
old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0016 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0018
WHITNEY!!! You are so beautiful. Those eyes, girl.
old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0019 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0025 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0027 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0022 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0024 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0026 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0023 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0032
Love love love this.
old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0028 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0030 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0029 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0031
Where they first met!
old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0033 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0038
Whitney’s mom found these incredible coffee mugs. I love them!
Pi Day, anyone?
old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0036 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0040 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0037 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0039 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0034
Though there had been storms forecasted for that evening, we ended up with a beautiful night on the Alexandria waterfront!
old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0042 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0041 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0046
Seriously, you two could not be cuter.
old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0043 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0048
Stun. Ners. Both of these are five star favorites!
old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0047 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0045 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0044 old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0049old_town_alexandria_engagement_photography_0050


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    Lori Voltz - I love these pictures! They really capture Chris and Whitney’s sunny personalities. Thank you Stephanie!ReplyCancel

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