Carina & Matt | Olney, MD Wedding

Oh, y’all. I am excited for this one.

Carina and Matt are two beautiful souls who I had the privilege of getting to know during my time at Penn State. They are incredibly funny, incredibly sweet, incredibly gifted musically, incredibly devoted to the Lord, and incredibly in L-O-V-E. I knew that their day was going to be so joyful and fun, and I had been looking forward to it ever since Carina first sent me that so-exciting message asking me what I happened to be doing on a certain August 9.

I arrived at Carina’s childhood home in Olney, Maryland where she and some of the best people in her life were getting her ready to say I Do. With the bridesmaids each wearing sunglasses emblazoned with the official hashtag for the day, #teachmehowtwoDuffy (genius.), my suspicions of a fun day were 100% confirmed. And as Carina put on her gorgeous gown, it became pretty clear that the day was going to be just as beautiful as it would be filled with joy.

Together, Carina and Matt are encouraging, hilarious, kind, pair that just make others want to be around them. It’s pretty phenomenal. But one of the best things about these two is that I couldn’t even begin to imagine a better match for either of them. They have found the one whom their soul loves and it just makes me shake my head in happiness to see them come together in MARRIAGE, and in anticipation of all of the incredible ways that their husband-and-wife team will love the people they meet in through the rest of their lives.

Alright, enough sap from me :) C+M, I am SO daggone happy for you two! I am beyond thrilled to get to share a few of my favorite moments from your day with you. Thanks for your love, your laughter, and your infectious joy. You two are the good kind of somethin’ else.

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Duffy.

olney_weddong_photography_0008 olney_weddong_photography_0001 olney_weddong_photography_0002 olney_weddong_photography_0003 olney_weddong_photography_0004 olney_weddong_photography_0010 olney_weddong_photography_0005
I loved all of Carina and Matt’s florals, but especially the miniature boutonnieres for her ring bearers!
olney_weddong_photography_0006 olney_weddong_photography_0007 olney_weddong_photography_0009 olney_weddong_photography_0012 olney_weddong_photography_0011
The best sunglasses ;)
olney_weddong_photography_0014 olney_weddong_photography_0013 olney_weddong_photography_0015 olney_weddong_photography_0016 olney_weddong_photography_0017 olney_weddong_photography_0018
CARINA!!! You at you, you stunning bride!!
Carina’s sister-in-law made her this stunning shawl to match the colors of her day.
olney_weddong_photography_0020 olney_weddong_photography_0021 olney_weddong_photography_0022 olney_weddong_photography_0023 olney_weddong_photography_0024 olney_weddong_photography_0025 olney_weddong_photography_0026 olney_weddong_photography_0027 olney_weddong_photography_0028 olney_weddong_photography_0029 olney_weddong_photography_0030 olney_weddong_photography_0031
Just the cutest.
olney_weddong_photography_0032 olney_weddong_photography_0033 olney_weddong_photography_0034
The perfect guestbook alternative for these two! An old guitar signed by their closest friends and family!
olney_weddong_photography_0035 olney_weddong_photography_0036 olney_weddong_photography_0037 olney_weddong_photography_0038
:) :)
olney_weddong_photography_0039 olney_weddong_photography_0040 olney_weddong_photography_0041 olney_weddong_photography_0042 olney_weddong_photography_0043 olney_weddong_photography_0044 olney_weddong_photography_0045 olney_weddong_photography_0046 olney_weddong_photography_0047 olney_weddong_photography_0048 olney_weddong_photography_0049
olney_weddong_photography_0050 olney_weddong_photography_0051
The bridal party stopped by Needwood Lake for photos and I am 100% planning on returning! This lake was the perfect spot for portraits!
olney_weddong_photography_0052 olney_weddong_photography_0053 olney_weddong_photography_0054 olney_weddong_photography_0055
Beautiful, beautiful people.
olney_weddong_photography_0065 olney_weddong_photography_0062 olney_weddong_photography_0056 olney_weddong_photography_0060 olney_weddong_photography_0057
(ps- see if you can spot all of the past Steph Dee brides and grooms! There are quite a few of them in this shot!)
olney_weddong_photography_0067 olney_weddong_photography_0066 olney_weddong_photography_0068
Maybe my favorite groomsman photo to date ;)
olney_weddong_photography_0064 olney_weddong_photography_0058 olney_weddong_photography_0059 olney_weddong_photography_0061 olney_weddong_photography_0063 olney_weddong_photography_0069
The first shot of their portrait time and of course it’s a stunner! You two are just the best.
olney_weddong_photography_0070 olney_weddong_photography_0071 olney_weddong_photography_0075 olney_weddong_photography_0077
olney_weddong_photography_0072 olney_weddong_photography_0078 olney_weddong_photography_0074 olney_weddong_photography_0080 olney_weddong_photography_0073 olney_weddong_photography_0081
Perfect. Beautiful. Wonderful. And all the rest of the gushing adjectives you guys can think of.
olney_weddong_photography_0076 olney_weddong_photography_0079 olney_weddong_photography_0084 olney_weddong_photography_0082 olney_weddong_photography_0083 olney_weddong_photography_0087 olney_weddong_photography_0088 olney_weddong_photography_0085 olney_weddong_photography_0089 olney_weddong_photography_0086 olney_weddong_photography_0094 olney_weddong_photography_0091 olney_weddong_photography_0090 olney_weddong_photography_0092 olney_weddong_photography_0095 olney_weddong_photography_0093 olney_weddong_photography_0096
And then it was party time!
olney_weddong_photography_0097 olney_weddong_photography_0098 olney_weddong_photography_0099 olney_weddong_photography_0100 olney_weddong_photography_0101 olney_weddong_photography_0102 olney_weddong_photography_0103 olney_weddong_photography_0105 olney_weddong_photography_0104olney_weddong_photography_0106 olney_weddong_photography_0107 olney_weddong_photography_0108 olney_weddong_photography_0109 olney_weddong_photography_0110 olney_weddong_photography_0111 olney_weddong_photography_0112 olney_weddong_photography_0113 olney_weddong_photography_0114 olney_weddong_photography_0115 olney_weddong_photography_0116 olney_weddong_photography_0117
Carina’s father daughter dance was to a version of the classic “Butterfly Kisses” that she and her dad sung THEMSELVES! The remake was “Butterfly Stitches” and it couldn’t have been more perfect!
olney_weddong_photography_0118 olney_weddong_photography_0119 olney_weddong_photography_0120 olney_weddong_photography_0121
olney_weddong_photography_0122 olney_weddong_photography_0123 olney_weddong_photography_0128 olney_weddong_photography_0129 olney_weddong_photography_0124 olney_weddong_photography_0127 olney_weddong_photography_0131 olney_weddong_photography_0130 olney_weddong_photography_0126 olney_weddong_photography_0132 olney_weddong_photography_0125
Anytime Carina and Matt are guests at a wedding I’ve shot, they ALWAYS tear up the dance floor, so I knew their reception was going to be a good time!
olney_weddong_photography_0133 olney_weddong_photography_0134 olney_weddong_photography_0135

Congratulations, love birds! And thanks to the vendors who made the day possible:

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