Tomorrow’s the Day!… I-ay-I-ay

As seems standard practice these days, this month, this week and this crazy whirlwind trip have completely snuck up on me. Tomorrow I ‘ll be jumping on a plane to Dublin for the start of a two week Irish adventure. I can’t believe this trip that has been in the works for so long is finally here, but I can’t wait for it to start! From a Penn State football game at an historic Irish stadium, plans for a nighttime Kayaking trip in Galway and the crazy reality of driving on the wrong side of the road, I know this is going to be one wild tour!

As a known serial overpacker, I’m trying to be super conscious of what I’m taking across the pond with me so that I can travel as light as possible. Because I’ll be doing a bit of photography work while I’m on the Emerald Isle (more on that in the coming days!) I needed to choose the pieces of equipment that would serve me best without weighing me down, and a bag that would be able to keep up with the fast pace of my trip. After testing out a few different options, I fell in love with the Lowepro Hatchback 22, and even rigged it a bit to fit my Macbook Pro! Winning all the way. Here’s a look at all of the gear that will be seeing the sights with me!

I’ll be photographing a few hostels, farms, and the general gorgeously green sights of Ireland while I’m abroad. Trying to keep myself down to only two lenses, I decided on my new favorite, my 35mm 1.4, and rented a 24-70mm 2.8 to give me more range in smaller spaces as well as more zoom for farther sights. I also packed an external speed light in case I need additional lighting in any of my locations. Of course, my Macbook had to come along, too. Not to mention some good reading material, my favorite lip balm to combat the stale airplane air, and a journal to keep track of all of my favorite places. lowepro_hatchback_22-1 lowepro_hatchback_22-3
I just recently bought my a refurbished Polaroid 
sx-70 and a stash of Impossible film! I can’t wait to experiment with this new guy throughout the trip! lowepro_hatchback_22-4 I love how the Hatchback is set up. I have a feeling it’ll be a breeze to get through security and an awesome pack to use as a home for my gear over the next two weeks. It’s a tight fit in there, but I’m hopeful that it’s the perfect solution.

In between Guinnesses, castles and Irish cliffs, I’ll be updating here as much as possible, so keep an eye out! I may or may not be planning a Best of Irish Gingers post. And I KNOW you won’t want to miss that!

  • August 25, 2014 - 4:14 pm

    alison dunn - The 35 is my EVERYTHING! Can’t wait to see your trip recaps (and POLAROIDS)!ReplyCancel

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