Christina & Andrew | Virginia Camp Wedding

“If rain on your wedding day brings good luck,” I said, “then you two will have stores of luck saved up for a long while.”

“I don’t know,” Christina said, “I’ve already found Andrew, I think I’ve already got all the luck I need.”
And as the rain came down outside the porch of the cabin where they had said their vows just moments earlier, my melted heart pooled right alongside the puddles of rainwater.
It’s one of the biggest thoughts on a bride or groom’s mind whenever an outdoor wedding is a part of the plan: the antics and inconsistencies of Mother Nature. And who could fault them? When you plan your wedding day picturing sunshine and dry paths and lawn games, the idea of a mid-ceremony torrential downpour is more than a little intimidating. But despite the looming forecast, Christina and Andrew were, quite frankly, incredible. The emotion and love built up in Christina’s eyes as she walked down the aisle—gaze locked on Andrew—was palpable to anyone who witnessed it. And Andrew’s adoration of his bride? You couldn’t have missed it if you were looking down from the clouds themselves.
Two eclectic, adventurous peas in a pod, Christina and Andrew have spent a good portion of their relationship so far traveling together, exploring any and everywhere from foreign countries to national parks. So naturally, they knew from the start that their love of exploring had to be a part of their day. Cue: Prince William Forest Park, a beautiful camp site that became the home of their long-weekend wedding celebration. But these two didn’t just pick a park and call it a day, they brought their wedding vision to life with handmade details everywhere you looked. Family and friends from all over the country pitched in to help create and display hundreds of colorful DIY pompoms, a custom wedding arch, handmade boutonnieres created by the bride and personalized corn hole boards hand painted by the groom. So much love was poured into every nook and cranny, everywhere you looked, that the rain never even stood a chance of flooding it away.
Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Toy

virginia_camping_wedding_0002 virginia_camping_wedding_0001 virginia_camping_wedding_0003 virginia_camping_wedding_0004
Not only did Christina create all of the beautiful paper goods, but she also made her own bouquet of paper flowers! I am so in love with this idea! A bouquet that you can keep forever!
virginia_camping_wedding_0007 virginia_camping_wedding_0006 virginia_camping_wedding_0005 virginia_camping_wedding_0008 virginia_camping_wedding_0009 virginia_camping_wedding_0017 virginia_camping_wedding_0011 virginia_camping_wedding_0012 virginia_camping_wedding_0016 virginia_camping_wedding_0019 virginia_camping_wedding_0013 virginia_camping_wedding_0014
Just the cutest.
virginia_camping_wedding_0015 virginia_camping_wedding_0018 virginia_camping_wedding_0020 virginia_camping_wedding_0021 virginia_camping_wedding_0010 virginia_camping_wedding_0026 virginia_camping_wedding_0027
Christina’s nephew was one of the cutest ring bearers around!
virginia_camping_wedding_0028 virginia_camping_wedding_0029 virginia_camping_wedding_0030
Opening gifts from Andrew…
…and finding an incredible antique necklace that she had mentioned she loved months and months ago.

virginia_camping_wedding_0032 virginia_camping_wedding_0022 virginia_camping_wedding_0023
A talented musician himself, this antique colonial drum was the perfect gift for the groom!
virginia_camping_wedding_0024 virginia_camping_wedding_0025 virginia_camping_wedding_0033 virginia_camping_wedding_0034 virginia_camping_wedding_0035 virginia_camping_wedding_0036 virginia_camping_wedding_0037 virginia_camping_wedding_0038
A little rain can’t stop a lot of love.
virginia_camping_wedding_0039 virginia_camping_wedding_0040 virginia_camping_wedding_0041 virginia_camping_wedding_0042 virginia_camping_wedding_0043
The DIY details in the dining hall that doubled as their ceremony site? Creative AND beautiful. Christina and Andrew, along with the help of their friends, truly outdid themselves!
virginia_camping_wedding_0044 virginia_camping_wedding_0045 virginia_camping_wedding_0046 virginia_camping_wedding_0048 virginia_camping_wedding_0047
Love this :)
virginia_camping_wedding_0049 virginia_camping_wedding_0050 virginia_camping_wedding_0051 virginia_camping_wedding_0052 virginia_camping_wedding_0053 virginia_camping_wedding_0054 virginia_camping_wedding_0055
Married, y’all!!
The pouring rain kept us confined to the small porch outside for a time, but Christina and Andrew rocked it like champs!
virginia_camping_wedding_0063 virginia_camping_wedding_0058 virginia_camping_wedding_0059 virginia_camping_wedding_0060 virginia_camping_wedding_0061 virginia_camping_wedding_0062 virginia_camping_wedding_0057 virginia_camping_wedding_0064
Oooh this on the right! I love it!
virginia_camping_wedding_0065 virginia_camping_wedding_0066 virginia_camping_wedding_0067 virginia_camping_wedding_0068 virginia_camping_wedding_0069 virginia_camping_wedding_0070
Simply stunning, lady!
virginia_camping_wedding_0071 virginia_camping_wedding_0072
Then the rain stopped! And we had enough time to take more photos in the beautiful scenery of the park. I was so thankful!

virginia_camping_wedding_0073 virginia_camping_wedding_0074 virginia_camping_wedding_0076 virginia_camping_wedding_0077 virginia_camping_wedding_0075 virginia_camping_wedding_0078 virginia_camping_wedding_0080 virginia_camping_wedding_0079
Love love love!
virginia_camping_wedding_0081 virginia_camping_wedding_0082 virginia_camping_wedding_0083 virginia_camping_wedding_0084 virginia_camping_wedding_0085 virginia_camping_wedding_0086 virginia_camping_wedding_0087 virginia_camping_wedding_0088
Ok now, you two are looking GOOD!
virginia_camping_wedding_0090 virginia_camping_wedding_0089 virginia_camping_wedding_0092 virginia_camping_wedding_0093 virginia_camping_wedding_0094 virginia_camping_wedding_0095
Then it was time to party! And of course the reception details where incredible, too.

virginia_camping_wedding_0096 virginia_camping_wedding_0098 virginia_camping_wedding_0097 virginia_camping_wedding_0099 virginia_camping_wedding_0100 virginia_camping_wedding_0101 virginia_camping_wedding_0102 virginia_camping_wedding_0103 virginia_camping_wedding_0104 virginia_camping_wedding_0105
This awesome pompoms were hand-dyed, tied, and hung by C+A and their friends. They were all OVER the camp and they made the day feel so festive and colorful!
virginia_camping_wedding_0106 virginia_camping_wedding_0107 virginia_camping_wedding_0108 virginia_camping_wedding_0109 virginia_camping_wedding_0110 virginia_camping_wedding_0111 virginia_camping_wedding_0112 virginia_camping_wedding_0113 virginia_camping_wedding_0114 virginia_camping_wedding_0115 virginia_camping_wedding_0116 virginia_camping_wedding_0117 virginia_camping_wedding_0118 virginia_camping_wedding_0119 virginia_camping_wedding_0120 virginia_camping_wedding_0121 virginia_camping_wedding_0122 virginia_camping_wedding_0123 virginia_camping_wedding_0124 virginia_camping_wedding_0125 virginia_camping_wedding_0126 virginia_camping_wedding_0127 virginia_camping_wedding_0128 virginia_camping_wedding_0129 virginia_camping_wedding_0130 virginia_camping_wedding_0131 virginia_camping_wedding_0132 virginia_camping_wedding_0133 virginia_camping_wedding_0134 virginia_camping_wedding_0135 virginia_camping_wedding_0136 virginia_camping_wedding_0137 virginia_camping_wedding_0138 virginia_camping_wedding_0139 virginia_camping_wedding_0140
A little fun with glow wands to end the night. Congratulations, you two!!

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