Katie & Ben | Ocean City, NJ Beach Engagement

I’ve said it before and I’ll never hesitate to say it again: one of my favorite parts of what I get to do is meeting some of the sweetest souls around, and I’m not even just talking about brides and grooms. The magical thing about wedding photography is that it’s a rare day that I don’t get to befriend family and bridal party members, too. Such was the case with Katie. I got to meet her and her sweet, intelligent, creative spirit while shooting an engagement session for our dear mutual friends and had the joy of getting to hang out with her again on their wedding day. What I didn’t realize that day was that I wasn’t the only person making friends in the bridal party…

Just on the other side of the aisle, Ben was a dapper groomsman for one of his best friends since childhood, noticing the beautiful bridesmaid who had been best friends with the bride since childhood. Ben and Katie starting talking that day, and never seemed to find a good reason to stop. ;) Ben joined Katie and her family for a weekend on the beach in Ocean City after the wedding, and it didn’t take long for the two to realize that this was something really real.

A year later, Ben joined Katie’s family on that same beach trip, but this time he didn’t have any question about whether or not Katie was the girl for him. So, with ring in hand, he got down on one knee at the Ocean City pier and asked Katie to spend the rest of their lives together! I am so excited for these two to be engaged and just as thrilled to get to be the one to capture their love! There really was only one place that would be the perfect location for their engagement session, so we spent an afternoon exploring all over OCNJ, and dangit you guys, New Jersey did NOT disappoint! We were blessed with perfect weather and the most beautiful sunset that kept me gawking all evening.

ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0005 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0002 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0001 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0003
With these two basically being model material, there was no question that I was in for a beautiful session, but there’s something about their real, tangible love that you just can’t beat.
Absolutely beautiful, y’all.
ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0004 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0010 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0007 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0009 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0008 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0011 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0013 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0012 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0014 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0016
Gah!! Perfection you guys!
ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0015 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0017 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0018 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0019 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0033 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0020 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0021 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0022
Stopped inland for a minute to find a cute house! And a great car ;)
ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0023 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0024 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0025
And then we drove back out… to this. Be still my heart.
ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0026 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0027
Katie’s ring is such a STUNNER! Can you believe that it was Ben’s grandmother’s? 

ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0034 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0028 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0029
I feel the need to tell you all that wrapping Ben and Katie in the blanket was entirely my idea…
ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0030 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0031
…but it resulted in this image so I’m not even sorry at all ;)
ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0032 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0036 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0037 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0038 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0035 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0039
That look… love this.
And can we take a moment for Katie’s gorgeous dress?! ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0040
ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0042 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0043
Oh, just go AHEAD, you two!
ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0045 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0047 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0051 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0048 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0056 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0044 I love when a couple wants to take a few shots separately, but I especially love these, because Katie dubbed them “Old People Portraits,” for when you’re old and want a photo of your sweetheart when you were young! I love it and am totally stealing the phrase ;) ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0061 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0046 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0049
Oh, Katie. You are so beautiful, my friend.
ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0053 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0050 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0052 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0054 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0060 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0055 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0057 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0058 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0059 ocean_city_NJ_engagement_photography_0062
Yeah, we were speechless, too.

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