Kristin and Dave | Sky Meadows Engagement

He was the boy upstairs. As Kristin and her family moved her things into her new apartment just before her sophomore year at Virginia Tech, she had no idea that the boy who lived upstairs would one day ask her to marry him, that one day she would realize that he was the love of her life. But isn’t that how it always goes?

It didn’t take long for Kristin and Dave to become friends, but it took a little longer before they jumped into the dating game. Though once they did, there was no looking back. Even as Dave graduated and moved to New Jersey for his job, the distance between them wasn’t an obstacle they couldn’t overcome. And after Kristin finished her final year and spent some time working in DC, she decided that it was time to be a little closer and share a state again. Meanwhile, Dave was hoping that Kristin would want to share more than a state, but maybe also a last name. So with one of the most beautiful rings in hand (That he picked out himself! Always impressed!), Dave asked Kristin to spend the rest of their lives together. And giddily and without hesitation, Kristin said yes.

I was so excited to finally meet Kristin and Dave at their engagement session, especially when they decided on Sky Meadows State Park as their location! Rustic barns, rolling Virginia hills… it doesn’t get much better! We wandered the park and Kristin even took a bit of a mini-hike in heels for which I am SO grateful—those shots were totally worth it ;) Enjoy a peek at their gorgeous session, and get excited for their wedding shindig in just under eight months! I know I am!

sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0001 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0004 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0045
All this in the first five minutes… these two made it way too easy on me!
sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0002 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0003 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0006

Love love love this!
sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0008 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0005 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0012 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0013 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0014 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0007 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0009 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0010
Kristin, I LOVE THIS! Those eyes, girl!
sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0011 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0043 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0015 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0016 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0017 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0044 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0018 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0020 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0019
This barn light was pretty much perfection.
sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0021 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0023 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0025 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0022 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0024 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0026 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0027 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0028
Gah. Gorgeous.
sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0030 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0029
Fair warning… if you mention skipping at your session, I’ll probably have you do it ;)
sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0031 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0032 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0033
Honestly though, this ring!
sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0042 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0034 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0035 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0037 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0036 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0038
Some Hokie love!
sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0039 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0040 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0041 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0048 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0049
This one on the right is such a favorite! And Kristin your blue dress in this yellow field? Just so good!
sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0051 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0050 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0052 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0054 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0053 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0046
Then we got to the top of the hill… and this view awaited us.
sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0058 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0055 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0059 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0056 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0057 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0060 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0061
sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0062 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0063 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0047
You two….
sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0064 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0066 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0068 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0065 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0069 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0067 sky_meadows_state_park_engagement_0070
Congratulations, you two!

  • September 29, 2014 - 11:52 am

    Kristin Lockhart - eeeek! these are amaazzziiinnggg! I’ve been stalking the blog religiously waiting for these to crop up. thanks for making us look so good Steph ;) working with you so far has been incredible, and we can’t wait for the wedding!ReplyCancel

  • September 29, 2014 - 1:33 pm

    Christine - My favorite is the 2nd to the last picture…. looks like something out of a magazine! Great pictures Steph!ReplyCancel

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