Caitlin & Daniel | Leesylvania State Park Engagement

Maybe it’s the five year-old kid in me who still thinks that the next town over feels more like a world away, but whenever I hear the love story of two people who grew up for years living just miles apart from the person who they would one day meet and fall in love with, I get a little giddy. I guess it’s because we get to be in on the secret on this side of the equation. But this was exactly what happened with Caitlin and Daniel. Caitlin was one of my childhood neighbors and we both call the open country fields of Nokesville, Virginia home. Daniel grew up surrounded by just a few more people in suburban Manassas, but what neither of them knew  was that the love of their lives was always just a few miles down the road. Thankfully, that’s all changed ;)

I met Caitlin and Daniel at Leesylvania State Park on the coast of the Potomac River. I say coast because this park has BEACHES! Caitlin and Daniel absolutely love the outdoors, and fishing ranks right up there on their list of favorite things to do together on a lazy weekend afternoon. With Leesylvania’s fishing pier, I think we found the perfect spot to showcase their love. But Caitlin and Daniel are the only pieces of their little family: they also have two fur babies, Buckwheat and Lily, and it wouldn’t have been a true celebration of their love without including their pups! Enjoy a few of my favorites from their riverside engagement!

leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0006 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0007
Honestly, y’all are the CUTEST! Love that smile, Caitlin.
leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0004 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0001 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0003 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0002
Love these, and especially the one on the left!
That little face!
And this LITTLER face!
leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0018 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0009 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0012 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0010 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0011 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0016 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0014 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0015
The first of the fall engagement ring shots! YES!
leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0019 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0017
Guys. Seriously. This is perfection.

Daniel is a professional firefighter, so of course we had to include his jacket and big red truck!
leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0020 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0021 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0031 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0022 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0032 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0023 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0033
Absolutely adore this windswept image on the right.
leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0024 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0030 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0034 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0028 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0025 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0027 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0029 leesylvania_state_park_engagement_0026
Can’t wait for May!!


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