Lindsay & Nick | D.C. National Mall Engagement

Lindsay got off the plane in California and she knew it was coming in the way that you know it’s about to pour right before it rains. They were ready, they were vacationing in Sonoma Wine Country for a long weekend, and it was time. Also, Nick was not great at keeping secrets ;)

Lindsay knew the proposal was coming, but she didn’t know just when. At a few of the vineyards they visited, Nick mentioned that he had to um, grab something from the car real quick, leaving Lindsay waiting in front of the wineries while he grabbed the ring and hid it in his pocket. If I’m honest, I can’t blame Nick at all—he just wanted the perfect place to ask the love of his life one of the most important questions he’d ever pose—I’d wait for the perfect moment, too! And soon enough it arrived, and Nick was kneeling before Lindsay, asking and hoping that she’d agree to spend the rest of their lives laughing and adventuring and loving together. Of course, she said yes without hesitating a beat.

Lindsay and Nick are both DC transplants from Michigan and Maryland, and despite the fact that these two are both fans of Big Ten teams other than Penn State, I had so much fun getting to know them and exploring the Mall together—making sure that we got to all of their favorite spots before the rain and some seriously looming clouds came in! Pros from the very get-go, Lindsay’s incredible smile and Nick’s ease with his lady made my job a DREAM! (Also, if you two need ideas for Halloween outfits this year, you could forget buying a costume and show up as T.Swift and the late Cory Monteith! Serious celebrity lookalikes.) Enjoy their love-filled session! And even though it’ll be another 11 months until they’ll be on the blog again, you ought to prepare yourself now for what I know is going to be a gorgeous DC affair!

romantic_national_mall_engagement_0006 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0002 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0005 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0001
How about Lindsay’s seersucker dress? It’s been brightening up my world on this dreary fall day! romantic_national_mall_engagement_0003
romantic_national_mall_engagement_0010 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0012
Ohh, this wall. It’s my favorite. It’s magic. And I could shoot in front of it all day long.
romantic_national_mall_engagement_0017 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0007 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0004 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0008 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0009 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0011 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0020 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0018 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0019 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0021 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0014 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0013
That girl from Michigan…
romantic_national_mall_engagement_0023 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0024
…fell in love with a boy from Maryland…
…and now they both call Virginia home.
romantic_national_mall_engagement_0026 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0027 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0022
You two are too much fun.
romantic_national_mall_engagement_0015 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0028 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0034 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0035
Gorgeous, y’all!
romantic_national_mall_engagement_0031 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0029 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0032 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0030 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0033 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0036
We like em even if they root for the wrong teams ;)
A costume change and a trip to the Lincoln before the storm arrived!
romantic_national_mall_engagement_0043 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0038
Seriously, you guys?! SO beautiful!
romantic_national_mall_engagement_0044 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0040 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0041 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0046 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0042 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0045 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0039 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0047 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0052 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0048 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0049 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0050 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0051 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0055 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0054 romantic_national_mall_engagement_0056

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