Cassandra & Tobin | Brookmere Winery Wedding

I first met Cassandra and Tobin during—of all things—a wedding.

Though we’d all attended Penn State, and I had seen their faces around, I didn’t have the joy of really getting to know these two until the wedding of mutual friends. Cassandra, insanely gifted in all things organizational, was acting as coordinator to ensure our friend’s day went off without a hitch while Tobin, the warm, friendly, and welcoming soul that he is, made the perfect emcee during the reception. Seriously, if these two hadn’t dedicated their lives to ministering to college-aged students, they could run one heck of a wedding planning business! Their qualities complement each other so perfectly that you just can’t deny this powerhouse couple was brought together with a purpose so full.

But for two years, this incredible duo lived on separate continents, separated by oceans and mountains and valleys, as Tobin served on an international ministry team. The distance was never easy, nor was the length, but if there were ever two souls more wonderfully fit for a long distance relationship that was still full of joy and endearing love, it was Tobin and Cassandra. And now, such a distance will never have to separate them again.

The day was perfect. Cassandra was beautiful, the dress was flawless, the groom and his guys looking dapper and the venue decorated to the nine’s. But it was exactly none of these things that catapulted Cassandra and Tobin’s wedding day into the “perfect” category. The beautiful details were wonderful and the fact that the timeline went off without a hitch admittedly made my job easier, but ultimately, the day was a flawless one because two beautiful souls promised themselves forever and brought so much glory to God in doing so. It was such a joyful honor to get to be there as C+T said, “I Do,” and I am beyond thrilled to share highlights of their day with you! A HUGE congratulations to you both! I cannot wait to see what incredible adventures married life brings your way!

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Simonetti

brookmere_winery_wedding_0006 brookmere_winery_wedding_0002 brookmere_winery_wedding_0003 brookmere_winery_wedding_0005 brookmere_winery_wedding_0004 brookmere_winery_wedding_0011 brookmere_winery_wedding_0007 brookmere_winery_wedding_0008 brookmere_winery_wedding_0009
I love a bride with boots!
brookmere_winery_wedding_0010 brookmere_winery_wedding_0012 brookmere_winery_wedding_0014 brookmere_winery_wedding_0013 brookmere_winery_wedding_0015 brookmere_winery_wedding_0001 brookmere_winery_wedding_0016 brookmere_winery_wedding_0017 brookmere_winery_wedding_0018
STUNNING Cassandra!!
brookmere_winery_wedding_0019 brookmere_winery_wedding_0020
The sweetest Daddy-Daughter first look.
Followed by a joyful bridesmaids first look!
brookmere_winery_wedding_0023 brookmere_winery_wedding_0024 brookmere_winery_wedding_0025
Oh, girl. You are the definition of a beautiful bride.
brookmere_winery_wedding_0030 brookmere_winery_wedding_0026 brookmere_winery_wedding_0028 brookmere_winery_wedding_0029 brookmere_winery_wedding_0027 brookmere_winery_wedding_0031 brookmere_winery_wedding_0032
Some brides get a letter from their groom before the wedding. Cassandra received an entire journal full of notes that Tobin had written her while he was overseas during their engagement!
brookmere_winery_wedding_0033 brookmere_winery_wedding_0034 brookmere_winery_wedding_0035 brookmere_winery_wedding_0036 brookmere_winery_wedding_0038 brookmere_winery_wedding_0039 brookmere_winery_wedding_0040 brookmere_winery_wedding_0041 brookmere_winery_wedding_0042 brookmere_winery_wedding_0043 brookmere_winery_wedding_0044 brookmere_winery_wedding_0045
brookmere_winery_wedding_0046 brookmere_winery_wedding_0047 brookmere_winery_wedding_0054
Love love love the sweetness.
brookmere_winery_wedding_0048 brookmere_winery_wedding_0049 brookmere_winery_wedding_0055 brookmere_winery_wedding_0050 brookmere_winery_wedding_0056 brookmere_winery_wedding_0051
<3 brookmere_winery_wedding_0053
brookmere_winery_wedding_0052 brookmere_winery_wedding_0057
Cutest ringbearers!
brookmere_winery_wedding_0059 brookmere_winery_wedding_0058 brookmere_winery_wedding_0073 brookmere_winery_wedding_0069
Hahaha so so good!
brookmere_winery_wedding_0063 brookmere_winery_wedding_0065
I LOVE Tobin’s laugh!
brookmere_winery_wedding_0071 brookmere_winery_wedding_0060 brookmere_winery_wedding_0074 brookmere_winery_wedding_0061 brookmere_winery_wedding_0062 brookmere_winery_wedding_0066 brookmere_winery_wedding_0067 brookmere_winery_wedding_0068 brookmere_winery_wedding_0070 brookmere_winery_wedding_0064 brookmere_winery_wedding_0072 brookmere_winery_wedding_0083
So. Beautiful.
brookmere_winery_wedding_0075 brookmere_winery_wedding_0088
Husband and wife!

brookmere_winery_wedding_0082 brookmere_winery_wedding_0076 brookmere_winery_wedding_0077 brookmere_winery_wedding_0078 brookmere_winery_wedding_0080 brookmere_winery_wedding_0086 brookmere_winery_wedding_0079 brookmere_winery_wedding_0085 brookmere_winery_wedding_0081 brookmere_winery_wedding_0087 brookmere_winery_wedding_0084 brookmere_winery_wedding_0094 We used this same lane during Cassandra and Tobin’s engagement photos, we just had to come back! brookmere_winery_wedding_0089 brookmere_winery_wedding_0090 brookmere_winery_wedding_0095 brookmere_winery_wedding_0091
Go. Ahead. Y’all. Seriously, I LOVE this set!

brookmere_winery_wedding_0096 brookmere_winery_wedding_0093 brookmere_winery_wedding_0092
Time for a party at Brookmere Winery
brookmere_winery_wedding_0098 brookmere_winery_wedding_0116 brookmere_winery_wedding_0097
Cassandra’s adorable details were so creative and so perfect for their celebration.
brookmere_winery_wedding_0109 brookmere_winery_wedding_0104
A little KZ shoutout ;)
brookmere_winery_wedding_0105 brookmere_winery_wedding_0099 brookmere_winery_wedding_0100 brookmere_winery_wedding_0101 brookmere_winery_wedding_0102 brookmere_winery_wedding_0103 brookmere_winery_wedding_0110 brookmere_winery_wedding_0106 brookmere_winery_wedding_0107 brookmere_winery_wedding_0108 brookmere_winery_wedding_0111
If you’ve never been to a wedding with Western Pennsylvania ties, you a missing out! Cookie Tables might be one of my favorite wedding traditions!
brookmere_winery_wedding_0112 brookmere_winery_wedding_0113 brookmere_winery_wedding_0114 brookmere_winery_wedding_0115 brookmere_winery_wedding_0117 brookmere_winery_wedding_0118 brookmere_winery_wedding_0119 brookmere_winery_wedding_0120 brookmere_winery_wedding_0121 brookmere_winery_wedding_0122
brookmere_winery_wedding_0123 brookmere_winery_wedding_0124 brookmere_winery_wedding_0125 brookmere_winery_wedding_0126 brookmere_winery_wedding_0127
Tobin and Cassandra danced alongside Tobin’s parents in a dance in memory of his sister, Kayla. This dance and the beautiful yellow roses throughout the celebration reminded us of her presence throughout the day, and it was truly beautiful.
brookmere_winery_wedding_0128 brookmere_winery_wedding_0129 brookmere_winery_wedding_0130 brookmere_winery_wedding_0131 brookmere_winery_wedding_0132 brookmere_winery_wedding_0133 brookmere_winery_wedding_0139 brookmere_winery_wedding_0138 brookmere_winery_wedding_0136 brookmere_winery_wedding_0137 brookmere_winery_wedding_0134 brookmere_winery_wedding_0135 brookmere_winery_wedding_0144 brookmere_winery_wedding_0140 brookmere_winery_wedding_0141 brookmere_winery_wedding_0142 brookmere_winery_wedding_0143
Congratulations, T+C! So much love to you two!

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    Emily Malizia - BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Cass you are an absolutely stunning bride! There is so much joy in these photos, Steph you did a fantastic job capturing such an amazing day!ReplyCancel

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