Amanda & Dennis | Dominion Valley Country Club Wedding

You know the saying: what’s meant to be will be.

Sure, it’s clichéd. Okay, it’s a little cheesy. But for Amanda and Dennis, it is right on the money.

Amanda and Dennis spent their formative years wandering the same halls of the same high school in the same town. They shared mutual friends, and while Amanda confesses to having had her eye on Dennis during their time in high school, Dennis admits that he was more focused on math and marching band. They graduated having never been more than alphabetical last name neighbors. And that could have been the end of that.

But it wasn’t. Dennis went on to attend Virginia Tech, while Amanda spent her freshman year at Longwood University. Their paths may never have crossed again, but for Amanda’s decision to transfer and become a Hokie herself. Finally attending the school that she’d loved all her life, Amanda had no way of knowing that during her senior year she would happen to reconnect with the man who would turn out to be the love of her life. For Amanda and Dennis, it didn’t take long before they knew that they were both in it for the long haul, and now they’ve finally sealed the deal to become husband and wife!

Their day was nothing short of a beautiful fall fairytale. Amanda was absolutely stunning in her lace Casablanca gown and Dennis looked every bit the gentleman, all the way down to the bow tie. It was such an incredible honor to get to see and document their day unfold, made all the more special by the fact that I’ve known this beautiful bride since we were awkward preteens in sixth grade!! Amanda and Dennis, I am so darn happy for you two and wish you all the best in this new adventure together!

Introducing: Mr and Mrs O’Neill haymarket_wedding_0002 haymarket_wedding_0001 haymarket_wedding_0003
I love a good monochromatic bouquet!! And the fact that it matched A+D’s stationery perfectly? Swoon!
haymarket_wedding_0024 haymarket_wedding_0007 haymarket_wedding_0023 haymarket_wedding_0008 haymarket_wedding_0006 haymarket_wedding_0012 haymarket_wedding_0026 haymarket_wedding_0013 haymarket_wedding_0009 haymarket_wedding_0004 haymarket_wedding_0025 haymarket_wedding_0010 haymarket_wedding_0005 haymarket_wedding_0011 haymarket_wedding_0014
Amanda got ready at the house where she grew up and it was PERFECT!
haymarket_wedding_0015 haymarket_wedding_0016
haymarket_wedding_0017 haymarket_wedding_0018 haymarket_wedding_0022
The best reaction of a daddy-daughter first look ever!
The sweetest moment!
haymarket_wedding_0020 haymarket_wedding_0021 haymarket_wedding_0027 haymarket_wedding_0029 haymarket_wedding_0028
Going to the chapel…
haymarket_wedding_0030 haymarket_wedding_0031 haymarket_wedding_0032 haymarket_wedding_0033 haymarket_wedding_0034 haymarket_wedding_0035 haymarket_wedding_0036 haymarket_wedding_0037 haymarket_wedding_0038 haymarket_wedding_0039 haymarket_wedding_0040

Can all weddings take place at beautiful white churches? 
Oh, go on y’all. You two belong in a magazine!
haymarket_wedding_0046 haymarket_wedding_0045 haymarket_wedding_0047 haymarket_wedding_0048 haymarket_wedding_0049 haymarket_wedding_0042 haymarket_wedding_0043 haymarket_wedding_0056 haymarket_wedding_0054
Reasons why I love my second shooters: They snap shots like this while I’m posing the rest of the bridal party :) Thanks, Matoli!
haymarket_wedding_0053 haymarket_wedding_0055
Gorgeous, ladies!!
Seriously, with the florals!!
haymarket_wedding_0062 haymarket_wedding_0069 haymarket_wedding_0057
Men! Looking good!!
haymarket_wedding_0065 haymarket_wedding_0063 haymarket_wedding_0068 haymarket_wedding_0066 haymarket_wedding_0060
Amanda, my dear… you are such a flawless bride.
haymarket_wedding_0064 haymarket_wedding_0071 haymarket_wedding_0070 haymarket_wedding_0072 haymarket_wedding_0067 haymarket_wedding_0058 haymarket_wedding_0059 haymarket_wedding_0050 haymarket_wedding_0051 haymarket_wedding_0052 haymarket_wedding_0073 haymarket_wedding_0077
Then we found this magical wood, and it was magic. Magic magic magic.
haymarket_wedding_0078 haymarket_wedding_0081 haymarket_wedding_0075 haymarket_wedding_0076 haymarket_wedding_0074 haymarket_wedding_0079 haymarket_wedding_0090
If this isn’t proof that all couples should make time for portraits during golden hour, I don’t know WHAT is! (Also, Amanda and Dennis, you two are stunners.)
haymarket_wedding_0087 haymarket_wedding_0080
haymarket_wedding_0084 haymarket_wedding_0082 haymarket_wedding_0083 haymarket_wedding_0092 haymarket_wedding_0086 haymarket_wedding_0085 haymarket_wedding_0088 haymarket_wedding_0091 haymarket_wedding_0095 haymarket_wedding_0089 haymarket_wedding_0094
haymarket_wedding_0093 haymarket_wedding_0097 haymarket_wedding_0096 haymarket_wedding_0098 haymarket_wedding_0099 haymarket_wedding_0107 haymarket_wedding_0105 haymarket_wedding_0114 haymarket_wedding_0104 haymarket_wedding_0113 haymarket_wedding_0106 haymarket_wedding_0100 haymarket_wedding_0101 haymarket_wedding_0108 haymarket_wedding_0102 haymarket_wedding_0103 haymarket_wedding_0109 haymarket_wedding_0110 haymarket_wedding_0111
This cake topper! I love it so.
haymarket_wedding_0116 haymarket_wedding_0115 haymarket_wedding_0117
Amanda made this sign!! It’s incredible!
haymarket_wedding_0112 haymarket_wedding_0118 haymarket_wedding_0119 haymarket_wedding_0120
Mr and Mrs!!
haymarket_wedding_0121 haymarket_wedding_0122 haymarket_wedding_0123 haymarket_wedding_0124 haymarket_wedding_0125
Maybe one of my favorite father-daughter dance photos ever.
haymarket_wedding_0126 haymarket_wedding_0127
For toasts, Amanda and Dennis surprised their guests with glowing purple ice cubes in their champagne! It was pretty fabulous.
haymarket_wedding_0128 haymarket_wedding_0129 haymarket_wedding_0130 haymarket_wedding_0131 haymarket_wedding_0132 haymarket_wedding_0134 haymarket_wedding_0135 haymarket_wedding_0136 haymarket_wedding_0137 haymarket_wedding_0138 haymarket_wedding_0139 haymarket_wedding_0140 haymarket_wedding_0141 haymarket_wedding_0143 haymarket_wedding_0142 haymarket_wedding_0144 haymarket_wedding_0145 haymarket_wedding_0146 haymarket_wedding_0147 haymarket_wedding_0148 haymarket_wedding_0149
Sometimes you can even convince this photographer to join the party ;)
haymarket_wedding_0153 haymarket_wedding_0150 haymarket_wedding_0151
haymarket_wedding_0152 haymarket_wedding_0154 haymarket_wedding_0155 haymarket_wedding_0156

Congratulations, Amanda and Dennis!!

  • November 5, 2014 - 2:54 pm

    Mary Paris - These pictures are fabulous! You captured the love and fun of the evening:)ReplyCancel

  • December 27, 2014 - 4:48 pm

    Camille Filling - Where did the years go? It was yesterday we were talking about her kindergarten graduation dress!

    There are very precious memories of a very precious young woman and her chosen spouse. Every detail was exquisite – testament to the love that went into the planning to make the day
    as perfect as it was. Congratulations to the Newlyweds! Camille FillingReplyCancel

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