Christy & Josiah | Manassas Battlefield Engagement

We’d been planning this session for months, and I could not have been more excited for it to finally be here. Ever since that very first email floated my way through the internet tubes from Christy, I knew I was about to get the chance to work with an incredible pair.

Christy and Josiah met while attending college in Michigan. Although she was sure that she was the owner of two left feet, Christy had been convinced to check out their college’s swing dancing lessons. Much to her surprise, she was actually pretty good! But she found that she was even better when she was partnered with this boy named Josiah, and soon the dancing partner became more than just dancing partners. With graduation came job offers, and for Christy and Josiah, those job offers also meant long distance, but not for too long. Before graduation, Josiah made sure he wouldn’t have to be away from the love of his life for too much time, and asked Christy to marry him! Now these two sweet, kind, and hilarious souls are planning what is sure to be a beautiful, love-filled affair, and I have been so excited to get to be the one to document their story!

Since Christy has been planning most of their wedding from Michigan, I finally got to meet these two in the flesh for their engagement session at Manassas Battlefields! Being lovers of the outdoors, C+J wanted to keep their session really natural, with plenty of fields and fall color, and I think the battlefields were the perfect spot! Christy also asked as we were planning for their session if we could incorporate lights into their shoots! Though it was definitely out of the ordinary for me, I was so excited to get to play around a bit with it! After trying to find the perfect place to incorporate the warm glow that can only come from Christmas lights, we decided to take matters into our own hands… and create a wonderland of lights for ourselves! A little behind-the-scenes secret: we did all of this in the back of a Wendy’s parking lot! Who would’ve guessed? ;) Enjoy a few of my favorites from their fall battlefield engagement session!

manassas_battlefield_engagement_0006 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0002 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0001 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0015
Truly, it doesn’t get much sweeter than these two.
manassas_battlefield_engagement_0008 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0003 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0009 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0010
They even showed me a bit of their swing dancing skill…
…it’s casual, not a big deal at all ;)

manassas_battlefield_engagement_0011 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0012 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0004 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0007 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0013 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0016
Love this! You two are absolute pro’s!
manassas_battlefield_engagement_0033 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0035 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0014
I loved loved loved Christy’s gorgeous engagement ring. So unique with the emerald stones!
manassas_battlefield_engagement_0034 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0039 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0017 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0021 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0022
manassas_battlefield_engagement_0020 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0023 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0040 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0018
I love a good field to shoot in!
manassas_battlefield_engagement_0026 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0019 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0024 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0025 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0029 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0027
Seriously, these two have dance moves for days! I can’t wait to photograph their reception!
manassas_battlefield_engagement_0028 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0031
manassas_battlefield_engagement_0030 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0032 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0036 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0038 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0042 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0043 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0041
So in love with this ring shot and this crazy rainbow grass!
manassas_battlefield_engagement_0044 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0047 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0046 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0049 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0045 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0051 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0048 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0050 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0053 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0052
YES!! Magic, you two!!
manassas_battlefield_engagement_0055 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0057

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