Molly & Daniel | Old Town Alexandria Engagement

Ever thought you’d meet the love of your life at a college party? Ever thought you’d meet the love of your life while playing beer pong at a college party? Truth is, love can be found everywhere (seriously had to refrain from quoting Love Actually on that one), even at the pong table ;) Sure, that’s where Molly and Daniel first met, but it’s certainly not what defines them as one of the most wonderful couples I’ve had the chance to meet this year. Molly’s sweet, bubbly personality and joy for life makes you feel like great friends just moments after meeting her, and Daniel brings the perfect balance with his quiet-at-first personality. But once you’re able to sit down with him over some good happy hour craft brews, you’ll realize that he’s actually a physics genius and an incredibly hard worker. Put them together and you get one great pair and a whole lot of adorable love.

Old Town Alexandria is so special to me. Everything about it oozes charm and the historic homes with their painted doors and gas lanterns are the definition of envy-inducing. It’s the perfect place to explore for engagement sessions and I’m so lucky to have it right on my front doorstep! I’m almost certain that I could photograph in Old Town every week and never get sick of the beautiful homes, lovely trees and gorgeous riverside views. So when Molly shared that Old Town was an important landmark for Daniel and herself, we knew pretty quickly that this was the sweet spot for them! Though M+D met their junior year in Blacksburg, their first date actually took place in Old Town while they were both home on Thanksgiving break. Not to mention, Old Town was the also the site of Daniel’s proposal! Swoon swoon swoon.

We had all of the most beautiful bits of foliage at our disposal for Daniel and Molly’s session, and I was loving it! Enjoy some highlights from our Old Town session!

Ookay you two, starting out with a bang, are we?
old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0006 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0002 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0004
Those colors!! This couple!
And then I died. A round of applause for Daniel and his ring choosing abilities, yes?
old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0032 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0009 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0005 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0007 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0003 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0017 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0019 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0012
y’all… :)
old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0020 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0011 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0014 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0013 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0015 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0018 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0016 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0010 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0031
Somehow Old Town bottles up all of it’s most beautiful light and hides it in these adorable alleys. I couldn’t love it more.
old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0022 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0021 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0028 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0023 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0026 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0024 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0030 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0025 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0027 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0029
Sparkle for days.
old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0033 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0038 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0034 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0041 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0035 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0039
Daniel!! If that’s not the GQ look I don’t know what is. Looking good, man! 
old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0037 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0043 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0036 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0040 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0042 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0048 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0045 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0046
May or may not have been attacked by a gang of seagulls. It was fine.
old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0044 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0051
Molly is just a little ticklish ;)
old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0055 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0047 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0049 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0062 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0050 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0052 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0061
old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0058 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0053 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0054 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0056 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0057 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0059 old_town_alexandria_fall_engagement_0060

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