Lindsay & Dave | Brooklyn Engagement

When I first “met” Lindsay via the future-magic that is Skype, she explained to me the continent-crossing map that is hers and Dave’s history. She grew up in Virginia, Dave grew up in San Francisco. They met in Los Angeles, Dave’s family moved to Virginia, Lindsay and Dave moved to New York, where they now call Brooklyn home. They’ll be getting married in Alexandria overlooking the Potomac this fall, but they really wanted to document part of their story in their home, their neighborhood, their Brooklyn. It didn’t take much convincing, I was SOLD! I love visiting New York and I love shooting sessions in places that hold real meaning for the couples that I work with, and what could be more meaningful than the place where Lindsay and Dave have built their life together?

So, on a sunny, beautiful New York day at the end of last month, L+D invited me into their lovely, light-filled Brooklyn home and we chatted a bit over wine about how they met at college in LA and heroically survived cross-country long distance after Dave moved to New York. We talked about their travels and how Dave’s life is almost perfectly mirrors Joan Didion’s. ;) Lindsay and Dave shared their secret fist bump and woogity (technical term) handshakes with me. Then, THEN they told me the incredibly exciting news that Dave had just a few days earlier accepted a new job back in LA and that in just a few weeks these two adventurous souls would be moving back to LA (together this time!) Suddenly, what had already started as a meaningful session adopted even MORE heart and importance: I got to photograph these two in this home that they’ve shared for years just a few weeks before they will have to say goodbye to it. WHEW. That is special. That is humbling. That is exactly why I feel so honored every time a couple invites me in to document their stories: because these chapters, though they may seem everyday and mundane now, will be so special one day when you are in three chapters deeper and your setting and characters and storyline has changed.

I could go on and on about how fun, sweet and generally fantastic Lindsay and Dave are, but quite frankly, I think their personalities speak for themselves in their photos. L+D, thanks for welcoming me into your home and lives and giving me the chance to get to document this moment in your story. I can’t wait to see all that these next few months have in store for you both, and can’t wait for this fall and the next leg of your adventure together!

brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0011 Their sweet Brooklyn apartment was full of the best afternoon light and was the perfect place to start off their shoot. brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0008 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0010 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0001 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0002 Dave mentioned that this frame was one of the first things he purchased after he first moved to New York and I’m pretty sure it couldn’t be more perfect! brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0003 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0040 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0004 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0005 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0009 Lindsay’s rose gold ring? I die! brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0038 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0006 Okay you two! Your adorability is kind of off the charts! brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0012 Kitchen dancing, of course! brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0015 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0013 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0014 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0016 Dave proposed to Lindsay right on these steps. brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0017 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0018 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0023 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0022 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0020 Heck yes, Lindsay!! I love this!
brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0024 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0019 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0025 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0037 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0026 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0021 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0028 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0032 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0039 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0029 A lil brownstone lovin’ (ps- New York light might be the east coast’s best kept secret! So dreamy!) brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0030 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0036 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0031 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0027 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0033 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0035 Lindsay, you’re precious! brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0034 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0041 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0042 A visit to the neighborhood DVD store… brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0043 …to sneak a kiss ;) brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0044 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0045 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0046 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0047 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0048 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0050 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0049 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0054 <3 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0058 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0051 Fist bumps and Hyphys brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0053 Absolute favorite. You two are something else. brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0055 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0052 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0056 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0057 brooklyn_nyc_engagement_photographer_0059

  • April 14, 2015 - 1:50 pm

    Alison Dunn - Oh I LOVE that you got to photograph them in their home! I think this one is my favorite of all your sessions so far!!ReplyCancel

  • April 14, 2015 - 8:03 pm

    steph - I love love LOVE this shoot! How adorable- and you captured their love SO well!! I bet they’ll adore these images!! :DReplyCancel

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