Juna & Matt | The Loft at Jack’s Barn Wedding

“Over the summer I was on a flag football team and I truly met the person that completes me and the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Her name is Juna.”

It’s not every day that I get emails like this from soon-to-be-grooms. But then again, it’s not every day that you find a couple as compatible, as genuinely lovely, and as wholeheartedly made for one another as Matt and Juna. Matt said it perfectly—together these two complete each other. Not that either person is lacking by themselves, of course. Juna, with her caring confidence, enthusiasm for those she loves and the warmest smile that makes you feel like you’ve been friends since childhood. Matt, with his sweet disposition, shy grin and ability to take such good care of those around him. Together these two fit like a locket whose pieces, once separated, has been put back together again.

So it should go without saying that I had been looking forward to Juna and Matt’s wedding day since I first met this incredible duo, but man oh man did I had no idea just how much I had to look forward to until the day actually arrived! From Juna’s beautiful blush dress (and killer blue heels!), to the incorporation of Juna’s Albanian wedding traditions throughout the day (we’re talking flaming handkerchiefs, money dances with dollar bills flying everywhere, and wedding dessert that you HAVE to eat because it means good luck for the bride and groom!), to the endless amount of beautiful, made-with-love details that turned their reception venue into a rustic barn wedding of dreams, to say that the day was beautiful from start to finish would hardly cover it. You’ll just have to see the photos to know what I mean!

How could I have anticipated that Matt’s first email would result in a year of getting to know and adore these two? Actually, I could have anticipated it pretty easily because that very first email was so sweet. But nevertheless, Juna and Matt, it seems so trite to tell you how honored I was to be a part of your wedding day, so overdone to let you know that I’ve loved getting to know you both over the past year, but all of these sentiments and more couldn’t possibly be more true! I hope that you two are having the time of your lives in Cabo! Congratulations, you lovebirds, and enjoy a peek back at your day!

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Wolfmayer

jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0114 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0120 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0117 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0112 A moment of appreciation for this incredible pair of shoes, yes? I love a wild pair of bridal shoes! jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0113 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0121 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0116 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0115 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0119 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0118 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0124 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0122 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0125 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0126 Juna didn’t have “official” bridesmaids, but asked her closest ladies to be “undercover” bridesmaids for the day—mustache disguised and all! jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0128 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0127 JUNA!! Stunning, lady. jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0129 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0130 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0131 Meanwhile, up just a few floors… jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0141 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0143 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0142 Couldn’t tie the knot without some wedding day cowboy boots! jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0144 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0133 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0132 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0134 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0137 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0136 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0135 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0138 Brother-sister first looks are something sweet… jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0139 And yes, of course this happened! jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0140 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0145 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0146 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0147 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0148 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0149 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0150 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0153 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0154 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0151 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0152 First look time!! jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0155 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0156 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0157 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0158 <3 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0159 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0160 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0161 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0162 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0163 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0164 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0165 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0166 Hello, lovely abandoned house just across the street from the church!
jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0167 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0168 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0169 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0180 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0182 Really, you two are almost too much to handle! jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0171 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0172 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0174 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0175 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0183 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0181 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0176 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0178 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0177 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0179 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0170 Game time ;) jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0185 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0186 Thanks to the incredible Amy Gray for this shot and for being my right-hand woman for Juna and Matt’s day! jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0187 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0188 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0189 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0190 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0191 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0192 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0193 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0194 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0195 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0196 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0197 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0198 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0199 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0200 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0201 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0202 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0203 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0204 So joyful! So MARRIED!! jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0205 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0206 Family photos don’t normally make it into blog posts, but I made an exception for the next two for obvious reasons! jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0207 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0208 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0209 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0210 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0211 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0212 Oh,  y’all… jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0213 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0214 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0215 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0216 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0217 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0218 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0219 Bustling pictures for the win. jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0220 Okay, here’s my disclaimer: I couldn’t for the life of me narrow down these details. Juna and Matt’s families put SO much love into this reception and I just didn’t know how to choose! Juna’s love-filled details, the incredible florals that Matt’s mom created, the perfectly mismatched chairs—they all had to stay! So, what I’m trying to say is… sorry not sorry :) Enjoy the rustic, golden, barn wedding goodness! jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0221 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0222 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0232 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0223 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0224 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0225 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0227 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0226 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0228 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0231 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0229 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0230 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0233 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0234 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0235 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0236 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0237 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0238 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0239 Antlers abound! jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0240 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0241 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0242 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0243 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0244 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0245 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0246 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0247 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0254 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0255 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0252 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0253 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0249 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0250 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0251 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0248 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0256 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0257 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0258 The burning of the handkerchief was an Albanian tradition symbolizing the end of Matt’s bachelorhood—also it’s always just kinda fun to play with fire! :) jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0259 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0260 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0261 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0262 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0263 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0264 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0265 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0266 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0267 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0268 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0269 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0270 Juna and Matt requested to sneak out for sunset photos, meaning we had time for not one, not two, but THREE portrait sessions throughout the day! Heck yea! jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0271 Bliss bliss bliss jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0273 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0272 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0274 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0275 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0276 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0277 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0278 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0279 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0280 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0281 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0282 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0283 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0284 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0285 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0286 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0287 These girls were dancing queens! jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0288 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0289 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0290 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0291 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0293 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0294 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0296 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0297 Traditional Albanian dancing… jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0298 …followed by traditional Albanian money-throwing at the bride and groom! jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0299 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0300 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0301 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0302 Love, love, love. jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0303 jacks_barn_wedding_nj_0292

Endless thanks to the vendors who helped to create Juna and Matt’s dream day!:

Venue » The Loft at Jack’s Barn, Oxford, NJ
Church » Immaculate Conception Church, Annandale, NJ
Getting Ready Location » The Holiday Inn, Clinton, NJ
Bridal Gown » Monique Lhuillier
Groom’s Attire » Tommy Hilfiger
Makeup Artist » House of Luciano, Kristin
Hair Designer » Do I, I Do, Gina
Florist » Groom’s Mother
Caterer » Frungillo Caterers
Stationery Designer » Bride
Second Shooter » Amy Gray Photography

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