Sophia & Brandon | Annapolis Engagement

When they first met, working at a restaurant together in downtown Annapolis, it seemed like it just wasn’t going to happen. First he was dating someone else, then she was dating someone else… Good timing was seemingly not in the cards for Brandon and Sophia. Until, suddenly, it was. That’s the thing about good timing, you just can never see it coming.

Also, there may have been a romantic song written by Brandon that changed fate, but who can say?

Sophia and Brandon are a pair who embody all things fun and authentic. Together with their slightly-wild but entirely-loveable pup, Stanley, they make up a family of fun-loving, passionate beings who don’t take life too seriously in the best way possible. One of my favorite things about these two is how fervently they chase after their shared passion: Music. Brandon and his band have driven across the country and back again on tour, sharing their music across the good ol’ U.S. of A., and Sophia went back to school to earn her education degree, and now gets the joy of sharing her love and passion for music with a new generation.

When they were deciding on locations for their engagement session, of COURSE downtown Annapolis made perfect sense for these two! Where else holds as much meaning as their home and the place where they met? I loved wandering Annapolis’ adorable streets and gorgeous waterfront on this beautiful evening and can’t WAIT for September to arrive to see these two tie the knot! Enjoy a few of my favorites from this dreamy waterfront session!

annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0011 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0002 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0004 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0001 Meet Stan! One of the most photogenic pups around!
annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0009 Seriously… annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0006 Sophia warned me that Brandon doesn’t go anywhere without a backwards hat. I’m a pretty firm believer that if you wear a backwards hat every day of your life, then you sure as heck better wear that hat in your engagement photos!  annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0012 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0014 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0018 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0016 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0010 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0008 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0007 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0005 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0003 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0020 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0021 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0017 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0013 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0015 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0019 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0022 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0026 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0027 Not enough heart-eye emojis in the world to describe how I feel about this image. annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0033 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0034 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0036 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0028 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0030 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0023 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0024 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0031 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0032 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0025 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0039 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0038 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0029 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0035 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0037 And then… this SUNSET. annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0042 Brandon was equally excited about the sunset ;) annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0043 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0054 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0041 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0040 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0044 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0046 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0059 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0045 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0050 So much windswept goodness! annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0047 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0052 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0048 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0049 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0051 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0056 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0053 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0057 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0058 annapolis_waterfront_engagement_0055

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