Wendy & Tomer | Baltimore Engagement Session

She caught his eye with her yellow dress. Her yellow Fanta Girl dress.

That is the kind of beginning all love stories should have, you guys. Anyways, it’s true. Wendy and Tomer first met online, and her profile picture from Halloween was what first piqued his interest. At the time, Tomer was living in our nation’s fine capital, Washington D.C., but Wendy called Baltimore home, and quite frankly wasn’t too interested in dating a guy who lived an hour away. At least not at first. But Wendy and Tomer began chatting anyway, despite the hour of travel between them, and when Wendy had a free evening off from her demanding medical residency position, she decided what the heck, why not travel down to DC and meet this guy in person?

Fast forward three and a half years, past that first date, past the official start of their relationship, past Tomer’s move to Baltimore and the daily 2-hour commute to his DC job that followed, past the adoption of Collins, Wendy and Tomer’s adorable and sweet pup, past shared travel and adventures and the general loveliness that comes when you’re living life beside the one you love for 3.5 years, and we land at the Thanksgiving table, 2014. Tomer joined Wendy and her family for the holiday, and when Wendy asked if he could grab more stuffing from the kitchen, he happily obliged. Sort of. Tomer did go to the kitchen, but what he came back with was not a casserole full of delicious bread and butter goodness. Instead he returned with a small box holding one of the most beautiful engagement rings I’ve ever seen, and he knelt and, in front of her family, asked Wendy to married him. After a brief pause due to a small bout of confusion over the lack of fresh stuffing, Wendy ecstatically said YES to the man of her dreams, and then quickly forgave him for forgetting the stuffing ;)

I got the chance to head up to Baltimore to explore a few of W+T’s favorite parts of Baltimore for their engagement session not too long ago, and absolutely loved getting to know these two! Apart, both Wendy and Tomer are clearly extremely intelligent, hilariously fun, incredibly stylish (and good looking!) humans, but together they manage to build up each other’s strengths even more, highlighting the best in each other. We got the chance to wander through Patterson Park, a lovely expanse of stone pathways, trees, a pond and even an incredible pagoda right in the heart of the city. And once the sun set down and the lights began popping on, we made our way over to the waterfront and Baltimore’s iconic Domino Sugar Factory sign—the perfect way to cap off such a lovely Baltimore evening! Enjoy a few of my favorites from the engagement session of these two lovely humans, and if you’re already getting excited for their September wedding, I, for one, would not blame you!

baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0001 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0007 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0010 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0012 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0004 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0006 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0002 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0011 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0019 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0003 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0005 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0008 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0013 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0009 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0017 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0056 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0014 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0016 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0018 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0021 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0028 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0015 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0027 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0020 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0026 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0030 We take a break from this adorable programming to present you with: the cutest pup in the world jumping into a pond while chasing ducks! baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0022 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0023 Collins, you’re the cutest! baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0024 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0031 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0025 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0034 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0037 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0047 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0029 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0032 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0033 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0035 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0038 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0036 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0039 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0042 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0054 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0046 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0040 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0041 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0043 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0044 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0045 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0048 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0051 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0049 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0055 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0050 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0057 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0052 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0053 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0060 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0058 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0059 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0061 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0064 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0065 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0062 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0068 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0063 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0066 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0067 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0069 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0073 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0071 baltimore_patterson_park_engagement_0072

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    G Ma - What perfectly beautiful photographs. There is not one that is not sensational.ReplyCancel

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    Christine - Hysterical Duck/Dog pictures! Love those!ReplyCancel

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