Leslie & Andrew | Old Town Engagement

There are few things I love in this world more than sass.

Not the rude kind of sass—ain’t no one got time for that. I’m talking the kind of sass that is playful, that toes the line, stirs the pot and pushes boundaries just enough to take the everyday from boring to intriguing to downright hilarious. Some of my favorite friendships in life have sass as a cornerstone, and it’s in those relationships that I know I can be the realest version of myself, because I know whenever I get too selfish, too sad, too stressed or too satisfied, a healthy dose of loving sass is waiting to kick me back into gear.

So, it’s no surprise that I enjoy the company of Leslie and Andrew as much as I do. After meeting online, Leslie readily admits that it was a combination of Andrew’s sass and persistence that won her over on their first date. Both his smarts and smart-alecness challenged her in a way that she knew she wanted to be challenged forever. It wasn’t long at all before this New England girl and that Florida-raised boy realized that what they had was the real deal, and so on one particularly frigid evening in Raleigh, NC (one of many towns across the country that Andrew has called home), he decided to seal the deal and ask Leslie to be his partner-in-crime forever, and she happily agreed.

Fast forward a few months into slightly warmer weather and I had the chance to get together with this two in Old Town Alexandria for an engagement session amongst the historic homes and always-lovely waterfront! Not only did I get to laugh with Andrew and Leslie as we strolled Alexandria’s cobblestone streets, I ALSO got to meet L+A’s adorable (and incredibly well-behaved!) pup, Boscoe! And seriously, these three are essentially professional models at this point—Boscoe included! Between Leslie’s killer green eyes, Andrews fancy dress whites and Boscoe’s photogenic mug, you all are gonna fall in love with these three! I can’t wait photograph Leslie as a gorgeous bride and Andrew as a dapper groom at their upcoming Airlie wedding, though I’ll have to hold my horses a bit since it won’t be until fall 2016! Until then, enjoy favorites from this dreamy session!

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