Lisa & Cam | Chicago Skyline Engagement

When Lisa first emailed me, she described a bit of her vision for her wedding. It ended with “…and possibly a taco truck.”

If you know me at all, you know any couple even considering the possibility of wedding day taco truck is an automatic friend of mine.

But even without tacos, there are so many reasons why I think Lisa and Cam are an all-star couple and a couple of all-stars. Though they first met while working their first jobs in Virginia seven years ago, school, work, and Lisa’s intense love for the Chicago Cubs turned them into Windy City transplants two years back. Now, Lisa works in a school for students with autism and Cam is studying to earn his PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis. In other words, these two are a pair of seriously intelligent humans. But don’t let their smarts fool you, they are also two super-sweet souls who couldn’t be a better fit for one another. Just look at the joy radiating from them in their photos and you’ll see what I mean.

I arrived to Lisa and Cam’s neighborhood on a ridiculously beautiful Chicago evening and got the chance to sit and chat in their favorite local bar—which just so happens to be located directly below their apartment, convenience for the win! We chatted wedding, work, baseball, school, and the best Chicago foods before heading out to Lake Michigan to get a view of the city skyline. I was completely taken aback by just how BLUE Lake Michigan is! Caribbean status up there! And I’ve gotta say, I always forget how magical city light can be. So much golden goodness just bouncing around the buildings and concrete, it makes for some of my very favorite tones. Lisa and Cam, I had such a great time wandering your city with you! Thank you, thank you, thank you, not just for inviting me up to Chicago to follow you around with a camera for an evening, but for trusting me to get to document this chapter in your story. It’s an honor and I just hope that you love your images as much as I’ve loved working on them! Your joy and obvious love have made my job such a dream! See you real soon for the real deal wedding day. I just can’t wait!

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