Liz & Jeff | Theodore Roosevelt Island Engagement

When you meet Liz and Jeff for the first time, you’ll swear some cosmic force follows them around with golden glitter, sprinkling it everywhere they go—they are both THAT kind, sunny, and generally wonderful. Seriously, when we first got together to meet up and chat all about the wedding over a round of delicious craft brews, I knew that they would be two of the sweetest souls to work with, and I can now confidently say that I was just so very right ;)

So it only made sense that our evening of exploring DC’s Roosevelt Island for their engagement session was bathed in that very same golden glow that seems to be Liz and Jeff’s signature. These two just overflow with the love that they have for each other and most of their session was spend laughing and smiling together. They can’t help it, they just can’t hold it in! And I can’t blame them for a minute—in each other they’ve found a lifelong partner in adventure, travel, and of course adventurous beer tastings :)
Liz and Jeff will be tying the knot in just a few short weeks as my final wedding of 2015 and I can’t WAIT to help them celebrate! Get ready to see their adorable faces and sweet love again soon but until then, enjoy their golden fall engagement session!

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