Meghan & Mike | Leesylvania State Park Engagement

Moving always seems to be a set-up for an entertaining story but often come with a sad punchline: the moving truck gets lost, the roof of the new house leaks on your first night there, your new neighbors end up being not quite so… neighborly. But every once in a while moving stories can be more than just “we’ll laugh about this one day.” In fact, Mike and Meghan proved that moving stories can indeed be pretty darn wonderful when after closing on their new home together, Mike surprised his love with not just a new set of keys, but a brand new beautiful diamond ring to go with it! In their home for the first time together, they popped a bottle of bubbly and toasted to a lifetime of coming home together.

I got the chance to spend an incredibly gorgeous fall evening wandering with these two through Leesylvania State Park which, quite literally, is right in Meghan and Mike’s new backyard. I always love getting to explore this beautiful park that sits right on the Potomac with the best of both worlds—woods and beaches!—but this evening with Meghan, Mike and their precious pup Mac was particularly wonderful. What makes this session even sweeter is that I’ll be seeing these two all these weekend as I head down to Georgia to photograph the wedding of Meghan’s sister, Laura, and almost-brother-in-law, Cole! The idea that I get to celebrate not once but TWICE with this so-lovely family in the next few months? Blow my mind!

Enjoy some of my favorites of Meghan, Mike and their super-sweet pup. I’m heading south, y’all!

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