Lawren and Nathan | Sky Meadows State Park Engagement

You know those super-sweet, crinkled-nose, belly-laugh engagement photos that everybody loves? There’s a secret to getting those images: you have to laugh.

Mind blowing! I know! Fake laugh, real laugh, laugh like santa or a madman. I don’t care how it happens, but laughter is one of the main elements that I try to capture during any session, and let me tell you, Nathan and Lawren’s shoot was FULL of it!

After we drove to our original location to find it closed for the evening, L+N were so flexible about scooting next door to the always-beautiful Sky Meadows State Park. We spent the next hour and a half laughing through the golden light. Nathan loves on Lawren like it’s what he was born to do and Lawren literally lights up when she’s in Nathan’s arms—their adorability made my job sweeter than a slice of cake. I’m so excited to share this crinkle-nosed, belly-laugh session with you and can’t wait to photograph Nathan and Lawren’s wedding celebration next year!

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