Kim & Phil | Winery at Bull Run Winter Engagement

These days, I’m honestly quite fortunate to have most every session I shoot feel like a reunion with old friends. Somehow I’ve been lucky enough to meet and work with clients who are just as weird and wild and in love with terrible jokes as I am, and it makes capturing their love on camera an absolute breeze, feeling like we’ve all been pals for years.

But sometimes I get extra lucky in the old pal jackpot and I get to photograph ACTUAL old pals! The sweet, beautiful Kim and I go way way back to about seventh grade when we played on our middle school soccer team together. As teammates over the following six years, I got to learn so much about Kim: how you’d be hard pressed to find someone who works harder and with more heart than she does, how very dedicated she is to her friends, and that she is a sweetheart all the way down to her core. And though I didn’t have the chance to be Phil’s soccer teammate for six years, I can say quite assuredly that he possesses those same hard-working, friend loving, sweetheart qualities as well. So it was easy to see what a great team they made when they started dating back in high school. Fast forward from those high school sweetheart days and now Kim and Phil are taking on the world together. From getting engaged to buying their first house together, it is SO incredible to see these two building the life of their dreams.

After having to reschedule a few times thanks to mother nature, I was SO thrilled as I rolled up to the Winery at Bull Run for K+P’s engagement session. Other than some pesky wind, we lucked out with the best weather we could have hoped for—warm temperatures and the most beautiful winter sunlight? Yes please! I’m so excited to share these lovebirds’ session and even MORE thrilled to get to document their wedding day next August! Enjoy!

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  • October 26, 2016 - 9:07 am

    Ryan Engelking - Good Morning,
    My name is Ryan Engelking and my Fiancee Victoria and myself were interested in talking to you regarding the photography for our wedding and engagement. We are getting married October 21st 2017 at the Piedmont club in Haymarket VA. My fiancee is a lifetime resident of Manassas and we found the album you did for the engagement session at the Winery at Bull Run amazing. We were thinking of using the same location for the engagement session. Please let me know if that date is still available and the best time to set up a phone call or in person discussion.

    Thanks !
    Ryan EngelkingReplyCancel

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