Martha & Jason | Vienna Engagement Session


Have you ever had one of those inklings that you just can’t get out of your head? An idea that seems to pop up everywhere you go, even in places completely unrelated? Well, for Martha, that inkling was Jason.

When her best friend repeatedly mentioned this boy who she thought would be an incredible match for Martha, Martha repeatedly ignored the thought. She was busy in her first year of teaching and adjusting to life in a new city, and didn’t exactly have room on her plate for a new relationship. But a few months after hearing the name “Jason” for the first time, she happened to meet a wonderful woman at a weekend retreat who encouraged Martha to, “Get to know her son.” Not knowing—at first—that this was the same guy who her dear friend had also been suggesting she get to know, Martha was a little taken aback by the woman’s forwardness. But when the realization occurred that the two Jasons where one in the same, leeriness turned to intrigue. Unfortunately, as is often the case in this part of all great love stories, the timing just wasn’t quite right. Both Martha and Jason’s hearts needed some time to grow separately before they would be ready to start on their adventure together.

Fortunately for M+J (and the world!), about a year later, the timing was right. Pieces started falling into place when Martha and Jason both volunteered to work at the same retreat that had introduced Martha and her future mother-in-law the year before. A few group hang outs, one subtlety-planned evening spent dining at the restaurant where Jason worked, and one less-subtle text message to Jason from Martha’s best friend asking if he would indeed like her number later, and finally Jason and Martha had their first date. After that first evening spent making ice cream cake together (Um, hi, best first date ever!?), it didn’t take long for it to become pretty clear to them both that this was the real deal.

Fast forward a few months more and now these two stellar human being are engaged to be MARRIED! And I am so beyond excited to get to document their love story of patience, surprise, and learning that God’s timing is actually, seriously, perfect. Spend more than three seconds with Jason and Martha and it is so beyond clear that these two lovebirds were made to be together. They are the perfect pair of kindhearted, fun, JOY-filled souls who light each other up so brightly. Need proof? Jason and Martha soldiered through their engagement session in below-freezing temperatures. We’re talking 15 degrees here, folks! It was beyond chilly, but with these two you really wouldn’t know it for a minute. Their laughter, huge smiles and even bigger hearts make me feel so warm as I look through these images! Enjoy some of my favorites from their frigid engagement session today, but get outrageously excited for their upcoming August nuptials—guaranteed to be much warmer, and somehow even more filled with love and joy than these photos below!

vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0003 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0005 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0006 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0002 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0008 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0001 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0007 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0012 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0018 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0010 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0027 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0013 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0019 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0014 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0009 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0011 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0015 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0016 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0020 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0021 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0025 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0017 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0022 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0024 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0029 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0023 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0031 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0026 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0030 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0032 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0033 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0035 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0036 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0028 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0034 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0041 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0039 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0038 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0037 vienna_virginia_engagement_photo_0040

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