Casey & Evan | Georgetown Engagement

I’m just gonna come out and say it: Evan and Casey’s relationship is the embodiment of most of my very favorite things. 1) Wild adventurousness. 2) Adoring sass. 3) A deep and abiding love of doughnuts.

So, clearly, when we first got together to chat about their wedding day, it was basically love at first sight. Much like it was for Casey and Evan, who met in their first semester of grad school at Georgetown. In the whirlwind 2.5 years since then, they began their relationship, Evan asked Casey a pretty important question just months after they became “official” (she said yes!), they adopted two adorable lab puppies, earned their master’s degrees, logged hundreds of miles of trail runs, created a home together, landed stellar jobs, ate plenty of doughnuts, and planned what is set to be one incredible wedding day this May. Hello, power couple!

I met up with C+E at their shared alma mater to wander their old stomping grounds, hang out, and create some images to help them remember this wild time. As a sass aficionado, I love the way Casey and Evan love on each other. They drive each other crazy in the sweetest of ways, a la The Notebook’s Noah and Allie and quite frankly my camera and I just eat it up. The laughs, the smirks, the sweet way Evan smiles at Casey when he’s pushing her buttons, a relationship based on shared humor and intelligence and a willingness to push each other outside of their comfort zones—it’s a beautiful and FUN thing to see! Plus, these two are just smokin’. I can’t wait to capture them on their wedding day in just a few months! For now though, you’ll just have to appreciate their good looks and endearing charm in engagement form. Enjoy!


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