Ally & Clay | a Virginia mountain top engagement

I believe that the universe, that big G God, conspires to bring us exactly who and what we need, exactly when we need it.

You see it all over Ally and Clay’s story. The pair who met by happenstance at a folk music festival. Who decided to trust fall into the open arms of each other’s lives. Who couldn’t have know that their meeting would lead to a lifetime of adventure. Together. Sailing for months together down the Inter-coastal Waterway from Virginia to Florida in a boat they had fixed up themselves. Together. Moving to Costa Rica to renovate a dilapidated beach front hotel. Together. Purchasing a raw piece of land and building their dream home, piece by piece, with their own hands. Together. At just the right times and in just the right places, Clay and Ally have trusted each other to dive in deep, heart first.

Because where’s the magic in living life any other way? So when Ally mentioned that she really wanted to create some whimsical, magical, mountain top memories of her and Clay’s engagement season, there was only one option. Of course we were going to climb to the best mountain top views that Virginia has to offer.

We hiked and shared life and shared stories and shared snacks, and I quickly became enamored with this incredible duo. To them, everything is a possibility, whether it is conquering the unknown on the ocean or building a sustainable home that embodies their love for the land. Ally and Clay have the sageness of a couple who has lived 12 lifetimes together and the joyful fun of a pair who has only known each other for two weeks. I’m better for knowing them, and I have a hunch that you will be enchanted by their sweet love, too.

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