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Favorite Things | Birchbox

If you’ve ever lived in a dorm, then I’m sure you’ve known a serial care package receiver. You knowView full post »

Favorite Things: Madera Books

When I was going through my internship with Sarah Barlow two years ago (two years ago!?), I distinctly remember herView full post »

Favorite Things: Coaly

As the youngest of three daughters, I always worried that when it came time for me to go to college and move away,View full post »

Favorite Things | National Sibling Day

I may be a day late, but quite frankly I had no clue that national sibling day even existed untilView full post »

Favorite Things: The Crazy Owl Lady

I’m not sure how it happened. Or when, for that matter. But slowly and surely, one by one, they’ve arrived.View full post »

A Pep Talk: The World Needs YOU to Be Less Boring

On Friday afternoon my Facebook timeline saw one video pop up over and over ahead. With an adorable screenshot of aView full post »

Favorite Things: Anthropologie

Considering that most of you fabulous people reading this blog are probably females in your mid-20’s, I’mView full post »

Favorite Things: Red Cup Season

There’s been a lot of talk about Red recently. Maybe you exercised your civil duty as an American by supportingView full post »

Favorite Things: Moo

It’s a weird name, for sure. I’m not entirely sure what kind of person names their printing businessView full post »